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What AreThe Symptoms Of A Sinus Headache?

Problems with sinuses, give rise to headaches, so you have to know the symptoms of a sinus headache in order to know if you actually have one. The sinuses are small spaces in the facial bones just below the facial skin. The spaces are concentrated in the nasal region, temples and around the eyes. Sometimes, due to infection, these spaces get inflamed with mucus and infected as well. Below are some of the symptoms of a sinus headache:

A gentle shake of your head can tell you if you do have a infection of the sinuses(sinusitis). If you move your head even slightly, the pain will increase and this is a good method of deciding whether the headache is actually due to an infection of your sinuses, this is one of the major symptoms of a sinus headache, and if you find you do have an infection, do not shake your head as this will give rise to even more shooting pain headaches.

Another method is to try bending over. The moment you lower your head you will feel as if there is something heavy inside your head. If doing so leads you to discover you have a infection of the sinuses, refrain from bending over until the infection clears.

There are many causes for sinusitis which are allergy, a deviated nasal septum, and severe cold, enlarged parts inside of the nose, and acute ongoing infection, and sometimes menstral.

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