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Why Detoxify?

Have you been hearing about detoxification more often?That's because we are now recognizing and appreciatingthat our bodies are not just separate parts, but a connected system which must be in "balance" if we are tofeel and be well.

So what is detoxifying?

Well, it is an internal cleansing of toxins, from our bodies.These are toxins that we either produce, ingests or absorb.Our bodies produce toxins as it goes about it's regular dailyfunctioning and when our system is working properly these toxinswill be eliminated efficiently.But very few of us have systems that are so well balanced, anymore.We are not eating properly, we don't get enough rest or exercise.So, our bodies don't function as smoothly as they should.

We absorb toxins from the air as we breathe in pollutants fromchemicals.

Normally the body can neutralize and eliminate these.But as the levels of these toxins get increasingly higher, ourbodies become over-whelmed and can no longer keep up.

This is why we detoxify!

Detoxification is a process and can be a gentle cleansing ora more rigorous therapy, where many foods are completely avoided over a long period of time.

The detoxifying program you would choose would depend for themost part on the condition of your elimination system and yourove-rall health.

You should get the advice and support of a Doctor or Naturopath.Most of us know when we need to detoxify, even if we don't puta name to it.We just don't feel "ourselves"! We get that hazy, lack of focus, fatigued, sluggish, blocked,over-all rundown feeling.

One of the reasons that I recommend getting the supportof a health care practitioner is that you can, rule out a moreserious cause for these feelings, and then better monitor the process and your progress.

A detoxification diet is usually very simple, consisting, ofwhole foods, fruits, vegetables, grains, lots of water andlean, (non-organ or cured) meats.Salt and sugar is normally not allowed.It is not a starvation diet, but a way to rest and re-balanceyour system.

This is suprisingly not the hardship that I thought it wouldbe, when I did my first detoxifying this year in March.When the program was being explained to me, all I could thinkwas, "how am I going to live without salt and sugar for a month"?Well, suprisingly, I not only survived, but now I almost never addsugar or salt to my meals!

Do you feel you could benefit from detoxing?Have questions or want more information?I am happy to share my recent, very satisfying detoxexperience with you.

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