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Use Essential Oils and Herbs in a Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoid Relief

Sitz bath using juniper and lavender oils

If you have swollen hemorrhoids, a sitz bath can help youreduce them and speed your recover. Fill a tub with warmor hot water. Use the temperature that will not irritate yourhemorrhoids. Fill it so water reaches your hips or stomach,6-8 inches. Then add 22 drops of juniper and 22 of lavenderessential oils into the bath.

Stir in the oils with your hand and then sit in the bath withyour knee raised for 10-15 minutes three times a day. Thisposition helps to bring more blood into your hemorrhoidarea, which brings in more nutrients and to pulls out toxicwaste.

After 15 minutes, take a shower with water as cold as youcan take.

After this sitz bath and shower, you can use one of the herbal paste or ointments directly on your hemorrhoids and leave it on over night.

Sitz bath using Shepherd's Purse

The herb Shepherd's Purse can be used in sitz bath. Thisherb is useful in treating hemorrhoids by reducing,

* Internal and external bleeding

* Reducing blood pressure

* Relieving hemorrhoids

* Repairing wounds

* Reducing prolapsed rectum

Here's how to use it,

Place 1 oz of shepherd's purse in two quarts of distilledwater and let it sit for 12 hours. In the morning or evening,boil this mixture for 2-3 minutes and then strain it. Pour the liquid into a sitz tub or into a full bathtub. Stay in the tub for around 20minutes and do this 2-3 times a day.

After the sitz bath take a cold shower to stimulate blood circulation in the hemorrhoid area.

Witch Hazel and a Basin

Prepare a small tub, container or basin that you can sit inand add some warm distilled water. Add 1/4 cup of witchhazel liquid to the water. Sit in the small tub as long as youcan and do it as often as you can. This will relieve yourhemorrhoids in 3 to 4 days.

0r, you can freeze witch hazel into small ice cube, then wrapthem with cheesecloth and press them against yourhemorrhoids for 10-15 minutes every hour. This will reducethe pain and swelling of your hemorrhoids.

Use the sitz bath only for the time you need to eliminate or get relief from your hemorrhoids. Remember that using herbs longer than necessary can cause the condition you're trying to eliminate.

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