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Essential Oils Are Essential For Our Time

What is "it"? Oils-Pure Essential Oils. Frankincense and Myrrh, for Christ's birth; Christ anointed with oils for healing. The Egyptians used it for healing, so why don't we? We have been exposed to oils for basic smells, but what about using them for more therapeutic purposes?

Why are we sick in America? Our lives are out of balance; we have 4 parts to our lives, physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional. Finding ways to put these four aspects into balance will allow healing and happiness to manifest. With your body in a state of imbalance you are not in a place where your body can heal. People and drugs can assist you to get to a state where you can heal, but they don't heal you; you heal you - the healing power is within you. Essential Oils assist the body to rebalance the body and they assist in creating a state where it can heal. Oils assist you to be in a healing place more easily, allowing your body to heal physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

125 million Americans are chronically ill. Over 100,000 people die annually from complications of legally prescribed drugs. All prescription drugs, even over-the-counter medications have side effects. Pure Essential Oils do not; there are no side effects and no residue, just healing. What used to be simple illnesses to treat are now killing people due to antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections and vicious new viruses.(By the way antibiotics will not assist in the body healing from a virus)

What is the answer? Therapeutic grade Essential Oils. There are many poor quality oils in the market place, which cost less because they are not therapeutic grade. Therapeutic grade Essential Oils are the essence of the plant or its life force. Oils contain amazing healing properties that move more quickly through your system than injected or ingested medicine.

Drugs were originally derived from the properties of plants, but as we have developed as a human race, we have added synthetic properties and chemicals, ignoring the use of the plant we were given by nature. Oils that are pure from the plant allow your body to heal and possibly get to a point where the "medication" dosage can be dropped or eliminated from your life.

A large aspect to our health is the intake or lack of oxygen. Just breathing deep breaths is one method of healing. Exciting news is that Therapeutic grade Essential Oils increase the oxygen in your body, which strengthens the immune system. Essential Oils have also been documented with properties that are anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral. Essential Oils also play a major role in bringing nutrients and oxygen into the body. The use of Essential Oils will rebalance the physicial, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of your body.

This information if for educational purposes only. It is not provided to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any illness, disease or injured condition of the body. Any person who has a disease should consult a physician or health care provider.

Diane Castell studies and uses natural healing methods. She is a Reiki Master, RET, Touch for Health, Professional Kinesiology, spoken at natural healing conferences. She also works with people one on one and in groups to assist them in becoming vibrantly healthly. Visit her web site at

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