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Alzheimers Disease: Notes from a Medical Intuitive's Casebook

In my medical intuitive practice, I have often been consulted by family and friends of those whose parents or loved ones have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. The origin of this disease is unknown, however much attention is being placed upon the growth of Amyloid plaques in the brain.

Amyloid plaques are waxy and translucent protein-polysaccharide complexes that are deposited in organs or tissues during certain diseases. These deposits cause the degeneration of the organ or tissue involved. Amyloid plaques are associated with a number of conditions including Alzheimer's disease, Hodgkin's disease and Osteomyelitis.

While this may be a principal cause of Alzheimer's, I have noticed many other contributing factors. With some, it is a tendency towards stoicism and aloofness, with others there is the tendency to carry many of their loved one's emotions with them. It is not possible in the space of this article to cover all of the related emotional and psycho spiritual factors contributing to Alzheimer's.

Your physical body through the symptoms of disease will communicate to you when something in you life is out of order, needs attention or care. Your body gives many early warning signs. These messages are not always dangerous. Many times they are just your body saying, hello, please pay attention. By listening to these messages you will have an early start on preventing illness, having healthy relationships, and avoiding dangerous situations.

Our bodies are sensitive and complex intuitive receptors. Many of these messages go unheard each day. We have been socialized to live from the mind, and to ignore the rest of the body. If we have a problem, we take a pill and it goes away, right?

There is now a rapidly growing body of medical literature documenting the physical effects of emotions on the body. To create optimal health, we need a basic understanding of how, why, where and when specific emotional and mental patterns can set the stage for physical illness. We also need to understand how intuition comes to us through unique changes in mood, anxiety, attention, dreams, images, and physical symptoms in our body.

In my work as a medical intuitive, I see the symptoms in people's bodies, both physical and energetic, as clues to emotional patterns. I then look for their connection. The whole point of a medical intuition reading is not giving a diagnosis; it is describing a connection between emotional patterns and physical illness.

One client of mine was a man in his late fifties, who called me and asked if I could work with his mother who was in a nursing home with Alzheimer's. His mother was not able to really recognize anyone around her and had all of the classic symptoms of Alzheimer's.

In her consultation I was able to make recommendations to her son, for specific supplementations and activities for her. Her son agreed to make these available to her each day.

Within 2 weeks his mother's disorientation had cleared, she was recognizing people and communicating well. Within a month she had left the nursing facility and moved to a condo near her son. She became the shuffleboard champion of the condo community, lived four, very happy years and passed on quietly in her sleep. The joy, love and connection experienced by both mother and son during this experience, was an extraordinary healing opportunity for both.

Christopher Stewart is a Medical Intuitive assisting others in their healing process. His work is compassionate, uplifting and empowering. You can visit Christopher's website at for further information and to schedule a private consultation. You can also look for frequent updates to his blog at:'s Guidelines: You may freely publish this article online, in email newsletters, or in print so long as the resource box and byline are in tact. Author would appreciate a notification, however that is optional.

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