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Holistic Methods: Color Therapy and Aura Soma in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The human body is recognized as a series of colors, detectable only in the last fifty years with the technology of Kirlian Photography. The colors relate to the body's subtle energy fields, known as auras and chakras. Although these fields have only been visible in recent years, healing techniques that enhance these energetic colors have been used since Egyptian times. By manipulating these energetic fields with various treatments of what is now known as "color therapy," the body can begin to regulate its energy accordingly. One of the newest color therapy methods is called Aura Soma. Steamboat is lucky enough to have an Aura Soma practitioner, Lena Steed, who uses this color therapy in her business, Advanced Massage.

Aura Soma was developed by British pharmacist and herbalist, Vicki Wall in the early 1980's. The practice involves 100 bottles of mixed herbs, crystal essences, and essential oils. These bottles contain two colors split in half with an oil and water diversion, are used for emotional and physical healing, and can be used in conjunction with many other techniques.

Steed, originally from Malmo, Sweden, moved to Steamboat in 1986 in search of something deeper and healthier than she could find in Sweden at the time. Originally headed for California, Steed stopped in Steamboat and stayed. Although she eventually made it to southern California a few years later, she has always felt the well-known pull of the Yampa Valley, and has called Steamboat "home" ever since.

Upon arriving the to the States, Steed first studied massage and meditation, and practiced both in Steamboat for many years before finding her path with Aura Soma five years ago. Since then, however, her life and work have been powerfully enhanced by Aura Soma. Before, Steed had been troubled with fatigue, low energy and a lack of excitement about life, all of which Aura Soma helped eliminate. Steed states that Aura Soma works on a subtle and gentle level, and has brought her strength and clarity when both had been missing for some time. Massage is a wonderful physical tool, but for those suffering on an emotional level, the addition of color therapy can bring positive energy of all kinds.

The Aura Soma bottles line the shelves of her small massage studio, bringing significant color and energy to the room. Steed has you pick four bottles to work with, and reads into the soul of her clients by the bottles they choose. As stated, the bottles are split into two colors, and slosh around in their bottles miraculously without mixing. The colors one chooses truly represent the clients' inner desires, paths, and hopes as well as lessons they can learn from. Clients are drawn to the colors that will support themselves, choosing both colors that their bodies lack, as well as colors that will enhance their strengths.

Once the bottles are read and explained, Steed then chooses one or two bottles as massage oil during her session. Steed then unleashes the bottles' powers upon her clients in another way. Aura Soma is a combination of color therapy, aromatherapy, and crystal therapy all in one. It's no wonder this technique is an effective healing modality. When opened, the bottles exhume a fragrance that fills the room. Their scent immediately affects the subtle emotional and physical levels of her clients before she begins massaging their muscles. The effect is a strikingly unique one, and keeps many of her loyal clients coming back.

Steed practices Swedish, energy, and intuitive massage techniques. The Aura Soma bottles add to these techniques in a compounded way that no other therapy seems to. Many therapists combine techniques to intensify the healing results, and are including emotionally supportive techniques to enhance the physical techniques. The fusion creates a more balanced healing result for the client's total well-being! See for yourself!

Steed's office is on the bottom floor of the KFMU building at the corner of Village Dr. and Walton Creek Rd. 970-879-2444.

Andy Jehn has been a contributor for The Local since its inception and is a freelance writer and published author. She is also founder of her own Alternative Healing practice, Innerself Lightworks, practicing many of metaphysics' fine arts. This article appears courtesy of The Local ( and may not be reprinted without consent of both parties. For the archive of past Holistic Methods, please see

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