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The Causes Of Stuttering In Childhood

Stuttering is a problem that affects approximately one in every hundred people. It is mainly men who stutter, seven out of ten people who stutter are male.

There are many types of stutter. Family and friends may not even be aware that a person they know has a stutter. That is because the person is able to hide the stutter, by using word avoidance or word substitution.

Other people are unable to ddo this and have what they would consider an openely more severe stutter.

Stuttering would normally occur more when a person is:under pressurewhen tiredmeeting new peoplespeaking in an uncomfortable situationasking questions, for example asking for directionsintroducing people

Stuttering can also be known in some areas as stammering.

Stuttering therapy:

People who have a stutter have different options when seeking therapy. They can go to a speech therapist or speech pathologist.Alternatively they can attend a speech course. These courses can be on a group basis or on a one to one basis.

Stephen Hill is somebody who has overcome a stutter and who now helps other people to achieve fluency.He has a website at


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