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Natural Arthritis Pain Relief - By Doing Simple Arthritis Exercises

Treating arthritis is not easy.

Apart from the regular medication, proper diet, rest andrelaxation, doctors also recommend arthritis exercises.These are specially designed exercises for people withdifferent types of arthritis. Exercising is a must do forall people suffering of arthritis because it will help themincrease the flexibility of the joints, increase bonevigor, muscle strength and energy levels, so they will havea better control of their weight and a strong heart. Butmost of all, exercising will help keep joints completelymovable and will fortify the adjacent muscles. This way,arthritis sufferers will experience less pain whenperforming the everyday activities. So it is fair to saythat arthritis exercises are strongly recommended forarthritis patients by all the doctors in the world.

But depending on the type of arthritis one person mighthave, the doctor will recommend a certain type ofexercises. People should not choose the exercises programon their own; instead, always ask your doctor whatexercises are recommended for their type of arthritis.Depending on the severity of the condition and which jointsare affected, the doctor will propose a certain type ofexercising program.

There are three types of exercises: range of motion,strengthening and endurance. Range of motion exercises, forexample dancing, are the ones that move the joints in alldirections, as far as possible. These are the easiest typeof exercises recommended for all types of arthritis becausethey will keep the joints mobile and will preventstiffness. Doctors advise their patients to perform a rangeof motion exercises every day, or at least every other day.The number and intensity of exercises can be graduallyincreased as the patient gets in shape.

Strengthening exercises include isometric and isotonicmovements. Isometric exercises are the ones that work themuscles without moving the joints, while isotonic exerciseswork both the muscles and the joints. Both types ofmovements help with building strong muscles around thejoints that are causing problems. Stronger muscles willbetter support the joints, meaning pain will be reduced andthe patient will move more easily. Unless the patient hasswelled joints or severe pains, the doctor suggests doingstrengthening exercises every other day.

Endurance exercises are the ones that improve thecardiovascular condition by increasing the heart rate forat least 20-30 minutes. Not all arthritis patients canperform endurance exercises. Depending on the patient's ageand physical condition, the doctor will recommend or notendurance exercises and also the type of exercises.Walking, bicycling or swimming are the best choices becausetheir joints are not that stressed by these type ofactivities. For example, making exercises in warm waterwill help in two ways: the warm water will aid bydecreasing the pain and relaxing the muscles, and at thesame time the water will be supporting the body, this wayplacing less stress on the joints. Endurance exercisesshould be performed three times a week for about 20-30minutes.

There are also other types of simple exercises that can bedone by all arthritis patients. The every day activitiescan be easily transformed into arthritis exercises. In themorning when you get up and get dressed, try to amplifyyour movements, this way the morning stiffness of yourjoints will rapidly disappear. Also, take every chance todo some household activities like: wash the car or do thedishes because these movements will help decrease the painfrom your joints. When you watch television, during thecommercial breaks get up of your chair and do something;even small movements burn calories and help you reduce yourweight. You can also park your car a little further awayfrom office or home as walking will do you good.

Before beginning an arthritis exercises program, alwaysconsult an experienced doctor or a physical therapist. Theyare the ones that can advise what exercises are recommendedfor specific types of arthritis. They can suggest aparticular type of exercises for inflamed and swollenjoints or certain exercises for particular joints. Theexercising program should be started with easy exercises,but the difficulty of the movements should be graduallyincreased. The patient should also be careful to thoroughlywarm up before starting the exercises and cool down afterfinishing the program.

Although exercising is good for arthritis patients,occasionally some people can get into some uncomfortableconditions: augmented weakness, constant fatigue, jointswelling or pain that lasts more than one hour afterexercises are finished. This means that exercises are toostrenuous and the patient should talk to his doctor andmake the necessary changes in his exercises program. Afterfinding the ideal arthritis exercises program, the onlything that patients have to do is to strictly follow it andthe improvements will soon appear.

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