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Website Marketing: 10 Resourceful Things You Can Do With A Product That Doesnt Sell

Do you have any product that has not been moving well?

Would you like to learn what to do with it?

Here are website marketing secrets to help you:

1. Sell the reprint/reproduction rights to the product.You could make money selling other people the rightsto reproduce and sell the product. People are alwayslooking for new products to sell.

2. Giveaway the product for free from your web site.Just because it won't sell doesn't mean people won'tvisit your web site to get it for free. They may seeanother product you sell and buy that one.

3. Try auctioning off the product at an online auction.You may make part of your investment back. If you'relucky, you may even make a profit because peoplesometimes get into bidding wars and will bid a higherprice than the product is worth.

4. Use the product as a free bonus for another productyou sell. This will increase the perceived value of theproduct you're selling. People will feel they're receivingmore for less.

5. Contact businesses with the same target market andsee if they would be interested in using your product asa free bonus for their product. You could place your adon the product and get free advertising.

6. Sell your product to businesses at wholesale cost asa promotional product. Businesses are always lookingfor products they can giveaway to their customers withtheir advertising on the product. You could make partof your investment back.

7. Barter your product to other businesses for thingsyou need for your own business. You could trade fortheir products or services. This will save you moneyand help make up for your profit loss.

8. You could create an online contest so people couldwin your product. This will attract traffic to your website. You also could get free advertising by listing it ononline contest directories.

9. If you decide to giveaway the product for free, allowother people to giveaway the product for free. Placeyour web site ad on the product. This will spread youradvertising and attract even more people to your site.

10. Ask businesses with the same target audience ifthey would be interested in combining your productwith their product. You could then sell them togetheras a package deal and split the profits. You may havebetter results selling your product this way.

May these website marketing secrets help you to makea lot of money and succeed.


I-key Benney, CEO

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