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Accept Credit Cards Online Without A Merchant Account

It is often assumed if you want to accept creditcards on your website that you must have a merchantaccount. This is not the case. You can accept creditcards with a Third Party credit card processor.

1) What is a Third Party Credit Card Processor?

A Third Party credit card processor is a company thatwill accept credit card payments on behalf of youor your company. The payments your customers make areprocessed through the Third Party's own merchantaccount, and you the retailer is paid (minus a commissionfee) by the Third Party processor.

No need to pay for expensive processing software, monthlyfees or minimum transaction fees. As you only pay apercentage fee on a sale, you cannot lose money.

2) Should I have a Merchant Account or Third PartyProcessor?

For most businesses this decision will be made accordingto the size of the company. Most small businesses do notneed their own merchant account.

Small businesses are better off with a Third Partyprocessor. The advantage is that when you sell yourproducts, the Third Party processor takes care of thepayment by checking the card, processing it, and sendingyou a monthly check.

Larger businesses with a bigger turnover are likely toneed a full merchant account. You will pay a biggerset-up fee for an online merchant account but pay lessper transaction than with a Third Party processor.So recouping your initial outlay.

So there it is, unless you have a large business it ispossible to accept credit cards online with a ThirdParty processor.

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