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3 Powerful Concepts That Climb Marketing Mountains

You have probably heard many times how you should offerfree reports. Like many of us, the idea of putting in workto give something away may have gone through youtransparent. (Right in your mind's ear and out the other :>)

So, if you passed over this idea before, you are not alone.However, I am here to tell you to reconsider it and forgood reason. Why? Because this is one idea that is doablefrom any level. And, it still works and always will.

It can get your marketing off the ground without much ifany costs. It can literally be your marketing vehicle togain exposure, build a email list and even crank inaffiliate commissions along the way.

This is not just another gorilla marketing tactic for folkswho can't afford to advertise. Not at all. It's way morethan that. Top marketers still use free reports as alegitimate marketing tool.

Why? Because they can penetrate a valuable message almost instantly with the least amount of marketing friction.

In this article you will discover why Free, Branding andViral are 3 powerful concepts that hold a strong place inonline marketing. You can get in on it now and climb some marketing mountains - here's how.

"Free" speaks for itself. It can cheapify or gratifydepending on how you present it. There are many ways to addvalue to make people want what you will give them. Offeruseful information to a targeted group and they'll eat itout of your hands.

"Viral Marketing" is a coined term in Internet marketingwhich indicates a passing from one to another - like avirus.

"Branding" is the key to viral marketing. This is a form ofpersonalization that can be passed along from marketer torecipient. Then the recipient can also pass it along as amarketer to his recipients, and so on.

This forms an ongoing cycle that carries with it anincentive to keep the distribution in motion. Yourpersonalization can travel along by literally hundreds,even thousands carrying links leading back toyou and the products you represent.

Sound complicated? - It's not!

So, how does this viral marketing information get into somany hands? Again, it's the incentive that everyoneinvolved can achieve something. This propels theviral distribution. And it's all possible because ofbranding!

Hot Tip: Think of it this way.

How many thousands of people do you think are interested inbuying a popular ebook or piece of software that youalready own?

What you should do then is create a free special report teaching something useful about the product. Show them a few of it's many benefits before they buy it and they may justdecide to buy it through your affiliate link.

That's the power of the 3 concepts and it works like a charm everyday on the Internet. Please don't over look this veryimportant point.

So, what's in branding reports for you?

Great question - let's go over it.

For example:

* In return for joining your email list, you can use freebranded reports offering them to your signups.

* You can let others a give them away adding usefulcontent to their websites or even as an added bonus withproducts that you sell.

* You make affiliate commissions when someone buys fromyour branded links inside the report(s).

And, even if you are branding someone else's report,there's about zero work involved and you can still benefitas if it's your own.

By giving away free reports, you can dramatically buildyour email list and boost affiliate commissions. The moreviral reports you use in your marketing, the more itwill increase your opportunities.

So, remember to offer several Free Branded Viral Reports and let the multiplicity of the Internet work for you!

(c) Michael Nicholas -All Rights Reserved

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