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Effective Management Of Your Customer Services

With a third party merchant account you will have a dedicated 24/7 support team to handle your credit card payment on your behalf as part of your package. You will also need to provide your own support for issues relating directly to your product.

It is good practice to draw up a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to list answers to common questions. Provide a link to your FAQ page on your "Thank You Page" and all your support emails for your customer's convenience. By doing so you will help to substantially reduce the number of duplicate question you will have to answer by email.

You could use install inexpensive software to automate your FAQ web page and customer support tickets which will also reduce the number of emails you will have to answer individually.

Keep your customers happy and develop trust and a good reputation by serving their needs as best as you can. Your customers are the life-blood of your business. If they feel they have been treated well throughout the order process they are more likely to buy from you again and recommend your site to others. This is where you will build your back-end sales and generate more profits for you and your business.

Hire Extra Support StaffDepending on the volume of your daily enquiries you have the option to hire people to reply to support questions on your behalf. Search online for "Freelance Virtual Assistants". This can be very cost effective and will free your time to get on with other areas of your business.

Another alternative is to install a "Virtual Customer Support" with automated responses and a more professional way to answer customer enquiries. This will also eliminate unsolicited emails from your email inbox because a real person has to click through to initiate a response ticket for each enquiry.

Remember happy customers will recommend you to their friends and colleagues. Providing your business with positive feedback and developing a good reputation and returning custom.

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