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12 Easy and Effective Ways To Create Reports

1. Combine a few of your articles into a free report. Make surethat each of the articles fits the theme of your report.

2. Take a survey and then compile the results into a report.Most of the people that you surveyed will be interested in theresults.

3. Create a report from excerpts of an ebook that you havewritten. Pick a chapter or two from your ebook for the report.This will increase the awareness of your ebook and should resultin more sales.

4. Conduct interviews of people in your industry then compilethese into reports. This is an easy way to create a report thathas a lot of perceived value.

5. Have someone else write your report. Either pay them orinclude their ad in the report.

6. Compile reports of statistical analysis relative to yourindustry. You could identify trends or changes from one periodto another.

7. Compile a number of tips into a report. Everyone likes tips.They are usually short, to the point and easy to read.

8. Gather news articles about your industry or company into areport. Provide this as a service to your customers and to othercompanies within your industry.

9. Create a report on a product or service. Have someone write areview of your products or services and include these in areport.

10. Ask other authors to contribute related articles to yourreport. Most authors will be delighted as long as they caninclude their resource box.

11. Bundle older information that is no longer available. Thiscould be back issues of your newsletter, speeches, surveys,transcripts, lists or tips.

12. Combine articles that have been written about you, yourproducts or services, or your industry. These make excellentreports. Just make sure that you get permission to use theinformation.

Give away the free report as a bonus for buying your mainproduct or service or for subscribing to your newsletter. Makesure that you have added links back to your website.

You could also insert text ads at the top and bottom of eachpage.

Utilize a simple form of viral marketing, allow others to giveyour reports away.

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