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One Point Two Billion

In this surreal world of the internet, anyone, even you, can put your point across to a staggering number of people inevery country on the planet.

From political activists to artists and writers, can now findan audience to take notice of them where they could not getmuch attention in their local community. Their horizons have been dramatically extended, so their work will travel on indefinately with no end in sight as in entering a collosalblack hole.

Where does their online work go? Where does it come to a stop?The answer is, it will go on as long as the internet is there.Even after they have no longer maintained a web site, their work can be handed on to other sites, to add content.

There are too, website archive sites who keep copies of websitesfor people to look at now and in the future. Twenty years from now people will be able to look through archived websites to seewhat was new then, what were the prices, what the stock marketwas doing, what writers and artists were putting out, and the list goes on and on. Ideal for a writer in the future.Not only will people be able to see what was going on, but in some cases will be able to hear what peple had to say, for websites now are using music, video, and sound.For those aspiring authors, and everyone it has often been said,has a book within them, can write their great work of literature,compile it to an e-book, and pass it around the internet, whereit could go the rounds for ever more, long after the author hasdied. Conventional authors could hardly say that about their hardback or paperback books.

At this moment in time, maybe only 40% to 60% of people in anycountry log on to the internet every day, but the numbers keepgrowing every year, and for those wanting to make a living outof the internet, the future potential is enormous.Consider the Asian market where the internet is fairly new, with China as the next real big explosive market with unlimited potential. Credit cards in China are unheard of, except for anelite minority. To receive payment for anything over theinternet you would either, have to wait another 50 years if youwant to be paid by credit card, or persuade your Chinese clients to open an internet payment account online with the likes ofStormpay, which is an innovative new company, who will take anyform of payment to credit your new account, even cash, or bankcheck. Stormpay even have 'WalkUp' offices around the world inmajor cities and more are being established where a client candeposit cash to credit their account for use on the internet.

Then the client can pay for anything on your site, e-books, software, music etc., if you also open a Stormpayaccount for receipt of the credits, all you need to open an account initially, is an email address. Could not be simpler.Credit cards over the internet could be a thing of the past,many people still will not use credit cards over the internetbecause of hackers, so what better way of secure transactionsdo you need than a Stormpay account? It gives confidence toyour clients who need not hesitate to make a payment, there andthen, for whatever type of goods and services you provide.

Consider another aspect of selling to Asia and China inparticular. Most of the internet to-day is based on the Englishlanguage, but that is not the language they understand in Asia and China. So, to sell to them you would have to make your sitemulti-lingual. This could be just a few captions in Asian or Chinese languages together with a button they can click on forweb pages in their own language. Or failing that, clicking ona picture of an item on the screen can bring up a voice intheir language to explain what it is and how much it costs, andto pay for it, they don't need a credit card, just click on a link to to Stormpay's site and sign up for an account and subsequently they can pay for anything on your site instantly. The voice in their own language can be reassuring to the client.Consider once again, if you intend selling to the vast Chinesepopulation, the enormous potential of this untapped market, if you could only make a single dollar from each one living there,you would be rich beyond your wildest dreams, for the populationtotals ONE POINT TWO BILLION and still counting.


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