Ecommerce Information

Ecommerce Information

How To Eliminate Credit Card Refunds From Digital Thieves

Can you encounter the number of times where a Credit Card Sale was generated, only to receive a "Refund Notification" from your contracted e-commerce processor on behalf the "customer"?Welcome to the electronic world of "cyber-shoplifting".Unscrupulous surfers, disguised as potential "customers", systematically opt to ordering goods (using credit cards) in electronic form of delivery, only to request a refund minutes or days later after receiving the product.

What Are The Barriers of Implementing E-Commerce Solutions

What is electronic commerce?"Electronic commerce is about doing business electronically. It is based on the electronic processing and transmission of data, including text, sound and video.

Website Marketing: 10 Resourceful Things You Can Do With A Product That Doesnt Sell

Do you have any product that has not been moving well?Would you like to learn what to do with it?Here are website marketing secrets to help you:1. Sell the reprint/reproduction rights to the product.

Home Sweet Home Page

"Your home page is the world's introduction to you and your company. Make it COUNT!" - Heidi RichardsThink of your home page as the cover of your brochure.

Getting Started in ECommerce - Part Two

In Part One we talked a little bit about what Ecommerce is, getting a domain name and setting up a merchant account. Ecommerce is more than that, much more.

Getting Started in ECommerce - Part One

In 2004, conducted a study of the search behaviors of men vs.

Online Business- What Makes It a Success!

Only a few manage to sell everything under the sun over the internet. There are billions of web sites running online business, trying to outdo each other by various means.

Database: The Secret of Success

BENEFITS OF A DATABASEBy maintaining your list as a database, you can segment in many ways for targeting. Targeting improves the productivity of your offers.

How To Turn Any Product You Sell In To Residual Income

The concept of this is for you to offer a subscription type product as an upsell or backend product. For example, if you're selling an ebook for $37 offer a subscription to a related e-zine for $9.

Accept Credit Cards Online Without A Merchant Account

It is often assumed if you want to accept creditcards on your website that you must have a merchantaccount. This is not the case.

The Secret Science Of Online Shopping

In theory you could create a retail web site with a limitless selection; an online store where every kind of merchandise known to man could be sold. Would people be interested in buying from such a huge enterprise?Why do people buy online?Location: You can shop online from almost anywhere as long as you have access to a power supply and a telephone connection.

Top Ten Qualities to Look for in an Online Pharmacy

As you may have noted, there are thousands or even hundreds of thousands of websites selling pharmaceutical products or drugs. These are called ONLINE PHARMACIES or PHARMACIES ONLINE.

The Rise of Multinational Virtual Corporations

The virtual corporation is the emerging organisational form, which best combines, a fluid ability to adapt to rapidly changing markets and is able to leverage its skills with the complementary skills of other corporations.In the concept's purest form, each company that links up with others to create a virtual corporation will be stripped to its essence.

E-Commerce Is Back On The Fast Track

How much holiday shopping did you do on-line this year? If you are reading this, then chances are good that you made at least one purchase on-line. Over 54% of all Americans did it [1].

Something new in e-commerce: the Echo System Build

How four partners build and manage an exclusive art posters web site by emulating the way the echo works.Imagine a top-notch photographer, some demanding visitors and an e-commerce site that wants to make money.

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