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Drawing Hand Held Surface to Air Missile Fire at Night Using UAVs

One of the easiest ways to draw shoulder launched missiles at night is to fly UAVs very close and use the simulated sound of an Apache Attach Helicopter, Howling of a jet fighter or a few UAVs flying together the combined sound of a four engine transport. At night you could have a few UAVs with strobe lights or a tint of green glow simulating reflections off the canopy of an attack helicopter along with sound used by a whistler on the UAV, or even a whistler, which mimicked a high frequency sound which caused their equipment to whistler.

Devices such as these can be bought at Wal-mart for five dollars, the faster the UAV travels the more sound or high frequency sound is made. We also use these on cars in deer country, but certain ones screw with your radio reception you know? Every time a shoulder missile is launched they have one less. Chances are it will not even hit the target anyway, they will launch it into the sky and nothing will happen, may not even come close, they will probably launch it too far in front of the UAV assuming a rate of speed for an aircraft, which is not even there. A UAV could also go into an area near a border crossing using electric battery power or glide in after turning off the motor and crash 300 feet from the enemy troops. Have a small glow and cigarette smell and a small set of voices talking about getting laid in English and the newest corvette model the enemy would sneak up on the crashed model plane and give away their positions and could be seen by night vision goggles.

We can even see small arm fire from satellites now, if they sent of a mortar round, we are all over it, never know what hit them or see where it came from. You certainly would have less people fighting you if you had stories like that floating around that is if anyone lived to tell anyone else what happened that night?

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