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Directional Afterburners for Tighter Turns, Vertical Flight and Agility

Directional Thrusters can increase the maneuverability of just about any modern jet fighter. .

Directional thrusters and thrust vectoring can be used to control flight at slow speeds, Orbitor and Space Shuttle Re-entry and vertical take off are some of the unique opportunities and great possibility for further future use and research. Old German Jets of WWII had cones in the back of the exhaust that were in the rear of the engines. A cone can remain within the cavity of the exhaust and be controlled very easy. On the back of the cone could be small flight control surfaces, which stops the vortex from the exhaust and can be used for turning. By doing this it will allow more exhaust to escape under less turbulence, which can cause anomalies in the air and excessive heat thus give away even a stealth aircraft. When using directional thrust systems you will have problems during tight turning which will increase the aircrafts heat signature.

With the use of stealth aircraft, UAVs, etc. we will need to control the exit flow of escaping heat and thrust. Eventually in the future there will be electro magnetic powered flight and skipping or jumping through points. But under this current technology we will need a way to solve some of these problems. Even helicopters are going to directional thurst control as opposed to tail rotors for safety, better manueverability, lower radar signatures and less maintenance. A tail rotor is vulnerable and can cause the helicopter to crash. There are so many advantages to directed thrust in aviation, space, submarines, ships and water craft.

An attack helicopter, UAV, Ship can make many attacks on the same target in a much shorter time frame, thus guaranteeing the destruction of the target or in more positive thoughts, in rescue of a drowning victim in a flood, river, ocean. Or for fighting fires using aerial methods. It's all good and more research and money needs to go to such projects, the value to the citizenry later after the military and government applications will be incredible making a George Jetson Mobile very feasible in two or more decades and do not think others are not thinking of this concept, because they are and the technology exists now, it is just a matter of teaching people to fly-drive again? The Moller Skycar concept is just one example.

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