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UAV; Hunter II and RQ-1A Predator UAVs Needs Additional Modifications

Since the Predator has inverted "V" shaped stabilizers these stabilizers should contain wheel pants and wheels underneath to lessen weight and save costs in manufacturing, we need to bring down the costs of these units. Less mechanism will save weight and we can use that savings in weight for increased payload or more fuel to extend loitering time. I propose the rear Landing gear incorporated into this V-Tail assembly. Let's move Murphy out of these aircraft and keep it simple, cheap to build and efficient.

This is being proposed to reduce costs of future UAV squadrons in manufacturing and to save weight and fuel efficiency for longer missions and greater range to provide eyes in the sky and security to the battlespace and our nations and allied borders. Redesigning UAV choices in your battlespace UAV siumulations and computer games will be necessary to keeping pace with the real world war planners as the technology hyperspaces the world of virtual reality.

Many of the current UAV models are being looked at for improvement in efficiency for added range, additional payload and stealth. Are you designs viable, are they better than actaul? Are you learning from aerospace engineers or are you still teaching them lessons in what works?

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;


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