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Synchronized Swimming, Dolphin Cognition and Visualization

As humans become more technologically advanced and are able to see our environments from the outside looking in, we gather insight to our 3D space that we normally would not be able to do, these leaps in understanding which leads to increased technological advances appears to be increased due to such abilities. We have been able to increase our understanding of our total world and space through sea exploration, aircraft observation and space flight.

Watching an Earth Rise from the moon would indeed be such a moment, watching it on TV or by way of video link also gives way to additional total populous insight and makes available to our culture to take another huge leap into the such understanding. Ancient peoples who lived in the hills and mountains developed better spatial reasoning than those cultures, who dominated flat lands. Flat land civilizations often put up castles, pyramids, and temples and from the tops of these they could better see the land, study the terrain and space and better adapt to their environments. Perhaps a ruler or advisor could look out over the lands and develop plans for better use of the land, strategic defense of the area and control over the territorial innate needs of the region. Perhaps this also was the first version of today's urban planning methodology.

Such a view from above would give humans, like birds a better perspective of their environment, for a species of prey such as a bird flying over the fields in search of small rodents, humans also were able to use advantage of the mountains since they were unable to fly. I can vouch the increased ability of understanding from an aerial perspective having a father take me up in a light aircraft often when I was very young and then teaching me to fly at age nine through my teens. Those who build scale models, especially train set ups have another advantage over others in that they begin to see the world from another perspective and this brings to mind additional thinking in how the world works and our place in it as surface dwellers limited by gravity, perhaps ideas in how best to adapt our world to serve us better.

Drawings and paintings also achieve this additional cognitive ability allowing us to see from someone else's perspective, point of view or actual place of viewing, without ever having been there or had such a thought previously. Such thought provoking images trigger our brains to a new perspective and increase cognition.

Now then what if we take the Athens 2004 Olympics Synchronized Swimming Event and then videotape it and then put it on large screen plasma TV monitors and play it outside the pool where non-stressed and happy Dolphins are and can view it, they will watch it and smile. We know cats and dogs will sit for hours beside a TV set and that some will in fact may eventually realize that if in front of a mirror that they are looking at themselves in reflection. We can have at least 15 hours of the Synchronized Swimming Olympic Event if you take into consideration all the different teams, it would be good PR for the Olympics and all those countries submitting videos. This will help increase the Dolphin Cognition and increase the Dolphin's Visualization since they will be looking at screen in virtual reality signifying and simulating another pool of water from the outside perspective looking into their own type of world which they are familiar with. This could be considered similar to humans watching a videotape, which is taken looking out the window of an aircraft flying over their cities. We know that this does help humans understand things much better.

I believe that such vide tapes of the cities should be played in grade school for kids, to show the kids a better idea of their true environment from another perspective. This concept is similar to the idea of unlocking the prisoners in the Plato's "Cave Allegory" and allowing them to see the larger picture. Also as the Mars Rovers send back video the video should be played on ten surround a sound screens for a virtual reality environment for kids to see, this will develop their spatial cognitive abilities so they can think and understand. If we are to move the human race to the next level and understanding of multi-dimensional space and help them grasp the current theories and reality of the future we need to insure now that their brains are adapted in such a way to think there. Imagine what this can do for early childhood cognitive development? In Mesa Union School District in Phoenix, NASA has a Space Shuttle VR Machine that the kids can use, this type of things should be available everywhere in all United States Schools, we cannot now afford to slack off, because in the future we need generations thinking here to propel our country and the future of all mankind.

Spatial reasoning, thinking, outside the box cognition will be fully necessary in the future for mankind's next evolutionary step, we need to be ready because here we come. If we can share our environment with the Dolphins and understand the basics of how mammals learn and think we are well on our way to a world-class educational system, which crosses species and uses the whole brain. For instance taking dolphins up in a hot air balloon over their environment, letting them literally fly with the birds. We should be measuring their brains also to see what they think of all of this, through our advances in TMS and fMRI. We should indeed not limit our observational perspectives to only mammals, as it does appear that many other species of fish, reptiles, birds, marsupials also contain many similar traits with regards to genetic code and therefore perhaps insights into cognition of higher life forms. Such studies and experiments will give us the abilities needed to progress Artificial Intelligence in computing, robotics and the creation of organizational swarms and socialization which will be necessary to co-evolve amongst non-organic manmade machines.

Establishing moon bases and continued video from Space and NASA on websites, VR portable truck mounted machines traveling to our schools, Discovery Channel TV and picture books will do the same thing to awaken our current human evolutionary process as did the cultures which had the look out advantages of their own lands, as such previous civilizations did have a huge growth spurt over similar peoples in flat lands. Mapping, GPS visual handheld devices, Satellite photography, Aerial pictures should be shown in schools and today they are more available than ever, now we should up the ante and provide better visual images to our entire population to bring them to the next step. We have found life on Mars and realize that we are not alone now and will no longer be able to maintain the thought that we are so special a life form that none other exists anywhere else in the universe. Such a thought is now as silly as the notion of a flat world.

Is it possible to show pictures and videos to Dolphins of the Synchronized swimming from our perspective, then show them the perspective of the birds on their water world, then show them the perspective of the space shuttle or space station on the Earth to a point they can understand it? Surely it should be, since their brains are the same size and they are very well adapted for spatial reasoning, Dolphins can fly in their world of water in the 3D that humans cannot without artificial wings, balloons, parachutes, aircraft, etc. So in essence their evolution has an advantage over us in spatial reasoning, is this to say Dolphins are smarter or have better cognitive abilities than humans? I did not say that, but I certainly wouldn't bet either way, in fact they are much better adapted to their environment then we appear to be in ours. What would a Dolphin think in space, floating around in near zero gravity? What would that Dolphin say when he got back to his buddies in the water?

The first step of my project concept would be to entertain the Dolphins with our synchronized swimmers, much the way they might entertain us at sea world, but using 3D. We know that Dolphins like to entertain and be entertained and have showed up at huge surfing events in record numbers simply to say, "Here we are, we can do this too!" Perhaps bringing both the species together in a common cause and help each other understand one another we can learn more about ourselves and our current environment, current perspective and increase our cognitive abilities to understand what comes next.

As the human race increases their work with frequency modification, gravity waves, sound and light and discover new ways and uses for these, we may find our selves unlocking time, quantum physics and many other great discoveries which will forever change the way we perceive the world we are in. By bringing up our next generation and current generation to a higher and current level they can be ready for what comes next, without rejecting it, calling it evil or refusing to adapt to it. Taking chimpanzees into the international space station is not as silly as it seems. Teaching them to communicate with us through computers they can control with their minds is a worthy and minimal investment in the possibilities of the future. Taking them into a submarine to visit the Dolphins is a great idea. Showing them the water level and submerging below it to meet with the Dolphins and then allowing them to meet, play and attempt communication, whether assisted through Virtual Reality, computers or human go betweens is a smart thing to do. It is time we all got together and learned because it is readily apparent that millions and millions of years of evolution has created some unique and very well niche adapted species here.

Our most recent technological advances of the last 200 years is shocking considering the previous 2000 and yes we are moving quite fast and almost at a break through point of the next innovations of computer-human interfaces, life extension, space exploration, time travel, gravity and weather manipulation to mention only a few; however the possibilities of the future are so intense, that we must not leave stones un-turned. There are many species on this planet with extremely high intellectual capacity and we should be thinking in terms of their perspectives, as well as our own to get to the next level of human understanding of the life experience and world's we live in, effect and move through.

Will the Dolphins appreciate the human entertainment? Will they laugh at the synchronized swimming, will it trigger additional stimuli, what do they think of us? Will they immediately form a closer bond with us, try to better our efforts? Will the Flat screen plasma TV of the synchronized swimmers fall short as seeing is not the same as understanding and the Dolphins may see it for what is, rather than what it is suppose to represent? Or will they immediately understand what it represents, understand why we are showing it and respond with additional communications or brain waves or fMRI lighted up sections of the brain we have not seen before? How about the idea of flying dolphins with blimps amongst the birds, parasailing with the birds, videos of flying over water and land, and from space? Their brains are the same size as ours, they are highly adapted, evolved and intelligent creatures as we are, why wouldn't they enjoy such intellectual stimulation? Would they wish to thank us for the entertainment? Would they more enjoy the videos than the free fish for those at sea world? Something tells me they would respond is a most positive and shocking way.

This experiment will cost about $30,000 in equipment, about $10,000 in video licensing, $10,000 in travel and $15,000 in travel and perhaps some monies for time and space rentals at a World Class Oceanography University or Sea World. This could also be done under grants from NASA, US Naval Research or DARPA. The biggest question is why has this not been done already and if it has, what are the results so far and if the results are inline with such expectations, then how soon can we take this to the next level?

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