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American Citizenship

I'm the daughter of an American soldier and with that comes pride of my American heritage, and love and pride for our country. I have thought of myself as being a patriot, which I am. But I have found out to my dismay, that we as Americans have not gone to any length to know enough about our country.

I feel very lucky that I was born here.

Online there is a citizenship test, similar to the test that those from other countries are required to take. I took the test and made a score of 6 out of a possible 11. I regarded that as a low score but the test said not that bad.

I was disappointed in myself, a daughter of a ww2 vet, who knew so little about my country.

It amazes me that those from other countries would sacrifice so much, their families and those they love to come to a country so different from their own.

They have to live in America five years, obtain good employment, and there are those that even marry American citizens to obtain citizenship to our country.

Many of them learn our language and have countless obstacles to overcome to stay in our country and obtain a citizenship that I have taken so easily for granted.

It makes me more grateful that I was born here, and it has opened my eyes that I need to be more informed about how country.

Bio Of Judy Arline Puckett

I am currently residing in Monroe, La.
I begin writing at the age of 11, and I'm 54 now.
I am the mother of three and the grandmother of five.
I love creative writing, poetry, digital art, art, photography, jazz, and blues music.
I write poetry and lyrics on every topic. War, peace, love, heartache, religion, and abortion, which I oppose.
I hope to write meaningful and worthwhile words that will touch hearts and make a difference in life.

"A poet is the voice for those who are without words."- Judy Arline Puckett


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