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True Story; Why Can't We all Just Get Along?

A little girl came up to her mom in the store and she asked, Mom do we celebrate Hanukah? The little girl had obviously seen a sign in the store that said Celebrate Hanukah next to some merchandise. The mom said no we do not celebrate hanakah, but pointed to a lady sitting in the bookstore in the middle of the caf and said that lady over there does. The girl asked her mom, what does Hanukah do? The mom said; ask the lady with the gold circle necklace over there.

So the little girl went over to the lady with the Mr. "T" size golden circle with the Star of David emblem in the middle. The girl said. My mom says you celebrate Hanukah, but we don't, why don't we celebrate Hanukah too. The lady said probably because you celebrate Christmas, the girl said 'OH', yes we do celebrate Christmas every year. But why can't we celebrate both? The lady said that the bible is in two parts and we believe in the first part and not so much all of the second part. We believe that Jesus was a very very important person, but we believe there is another important person coming one day. The little girl said OH. The lady said you are Christian and I am Jewish. The little girl said oh. The lady said Merry Christmas and the girl said thank you. And the older lady told the girl if she had any Jewish friends that she should wish them Happy Hannaka.

The girl said okay then. "Happy Hanukah" the little girl said. The girl went back to her mom and said, that the lady was very nice and that she now understands the difference and why they did not celebrate Hanukah. Her mom smiled across the caf at the older Jewish Lady with the huge golden circle containing the Star of David on it and mouthed the words; 'thank you so much'. The older Jewish lady just blinked and smiled back. This is a true story, I witnessed in a Barnes and Noble Book Store in Ft Myers FL.

It makes me so glad to be an American with Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Hindu, Catholic, LDS, Scientologist, and Christian friends; what a great nation. What a great country to live in. We should be thankful for what we have built and fight hard to protect it. It was so interesting to here the caf come to a silence listening to how the wise Jewish lady was going to explain this to an innocent little girl. I felt a sigh of relief come over the entire room as the Older Jewish lady fielded the question perfectly. I think everyone in the room learned something that afternoon. I do not know who that lady was, but it is so good to see the patience and understanding she had. What if the whole world was like that?

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