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Flows of Civilization; Views from a Think Tank

Over the past few years we have been discussing many topics. Most of what is discussed here has to do with observations of the world we live in. We discuss how we might make that world better, what we are currently accomplishing as a people and also our suggestions to make it safer, with greater freedom and more efficient. We have typically made these suggestions from experience, studying market sectors, psychology, human nature, world events, nature, car washing, mother-nature, science, and the natural order and flow of things.

In these topics, categories and items you can find some thing on nearly every subject that affects your life or you have read in various media. Now then, we are going to show how all this fits very nicely into cycles, flows and how these cycles and flows all affect each other and therefore affect our daily lives in so many ways. If we wish to improve health, improve the human experience, living in a free and safe world, leaving no child behind, feeding the world, living in harmony and catapulting mankind into the future; then we will most definitely have to understand these flows. Then and only then when we put all this in perspective can we learn from our mistakes and break the cycle of repeating the failures in history made from leaders who are to quick to put a band aid on critical issues, which causes short term linear decision making, which is causing problems for the continued growth of the United States of America. And although these problems are a world wide issue, we will use examples here at home to justify our thoughts and premise that the answer to civilization, world peace and our place on this planet and in the Universe lies with in the process and flows of all we need. By doing this we can probably eliminate war amongst the human race. (over all, war is actually a small issue in that only 1% of the total people who have ever lived have died in one, although the term brings great emotion).

War is unproductive and it upsets the flow to have a continued cycle of violence and for mankind to keep repeating history. But to bring peace we must make sure the flows are in order to serve the species, few would debate that. The flows we speak of include about twenty items. Of these you will most likely be aware of the following: The Flow of Thought, The Flow of Water, The Flow of Energy, The Flow of Trade, The Flow of Transportation, The Flow of Growth, The Flow of Fuel, The Flow of Money, The Flow of People, The Flow of Traffic, The Flow of Information, The Flow of Communications, The Flow of Distribution, The Flow of Infrastructure, The Flow of Services, The Flow of Products, The Flow of Understanding, The Flow of Food and The Flow of Housing. All of these flows are 100% inter-related. All of these flows affect your life, lives of family members, countrymen and children of the world in a personal way. No decision should ever be made to help one of these flows, until it is determined how it might affect the other corresponding flows. Otherwise Chaos will be the result. Think like a think tank, understand the flows and where we are all headed as we are in this together.

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