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Bad Mouthing Fellow Authors

The creative mind is a gift to humanity; but unfortunately it comes with some baggage. We often find people who are creative also have negative and self-defeating personal character flaws. I recently had the pleasure of someone proving this to me. The name of the individual was Ed. You see Mr. Ed condemned my expert status in some articles I wrote and put online. I recently wrote an article called "1000 Ways to Improve Your Business."

Ed was quick to make critique when he stated:

"Now, I assume the term "expert author" refers to someone being an expert in their field. If Lance is indeed an expert in all the subjects he writes about - more power to him. If not, he should not misrepresent himself."

In the article of "1000 Ways," I stated that I recommend authors write articles that they are an expert or borderline expert in. I did not say; "I am an expert or borderline expert in all the industries of all the articles I have written," although now challenged I will admit that in fact I am. I do not misrepresent myself, yet I challenge Ed to identify himself.

Now that I have been challenged by Ed; I hereby wish him to reveal his true identity to all of us and not remain a faceless critic. I wish to read all these articles written by Ed and challenge his expert status and he may challenge me on any topic he wishes in any articles I have written or have yet to write; who said I was stopping at 1000. He may debate points of contention or offer critique of such points with REAL observational experience or actual knowledge. I hereby challenge Ed.

Not because I want to prove something, as I have nothing to prove and I am not selling anything in my articles. My goal is to make people think. We must shut down the critics of those who push the limits to press on. We cannot allow people to spit in the face of winners like Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France. Bill Gates was attacked verbally on Bulletin Boards regarding open source software as he got going, today he is the largest philanthropist in the history of human civilization; what if he just got tired of being called the anti-Christ and never gave back anything?

We must turn off the sound of those who condemn those who persevere and dedicate themselves to maintain the forward progression of mankind. We should applaud the shear will and human intent that drives those who are willing to take some hits along the way but are so full commitment and dedication. I am not necessarily speaking of me; I can handle such critique thru many years of defense of the peanut galleries of this life experience. My comments and statement is about what is wrong with society in general and the Ed's of the world. Why can't we as a society learn to cheer more than tear down. Why must we turn the sound and fury against ourselves in some sort of negative attack in the Trump board room?

There is a lesson here for those critique that which they do not understand in PC sewage world of mediocrity. Where are your 1000 articles? Before you condemn any one author on you need to move out of your Glass House Ed. Mine is made of steel, would you like to discuss that industry with me? How about other heavy industry, mining or raw materials? Or perhaps Glass?

How about Agriculture?




As a matter of fact pick any topic on this site: Internet marketing? We could discuss politics, ever been in public office. Want to discuss religion, paranormal, brainwaves, artificial intelligence, robotics, water, BioTech, real estate? Pick a subject Ed, you challenge my expert status after 27 years working 17 hour days with less then 10 days off? What about your score card Ed are you a non-linear thinker? Or better yet, write some articles and then we can debate those and condemn you on your abilities, strength of character, and make innuendos about your ethics and cast doubts of misrepresentation on your name. Should we do that Ed? Of course not, why would we do that; you are a sincere person correct? So why are you doing it to others of your lesser writing abilities in this shallow game of degradation? I believe an apology is owed. Shouldn't we as a society stop attacking each other and work together for the common good? What is with the generation of today?

I take absolutely no personal offense to Ed's comments as they are merely not so. I admit, my writing skills need work and I am learning and growing and working on it. Anyone reading this article can see that? However I completely disagree with your condemnation of anyone who has the work ethic to put up even 50 articles, that in itself is a feat. Those who can write 100, 200, or 1000 plus, let us give them all applause, wow. Let's live in reality Ed, we can start by knowing your real name, business, and profession. I hereby challenge you to reveal the truth so we can be sure you are not misrepresenting it. Lot different when the question of motivation is redirected isn't it; Call me a mirror if you want, nothing sticks to my refrigerator. Your call, stand tall and do tell all. The Whole Truth Ed, come on, come on.

Einstein said to challenge the experts not condemn them. He meant let's challenge their beliefs and debate their theories and ideas. He did not say; "Let us cut down the experts so we can feel better about ourselves." I am like most thinkers willing to debate concepts, however personal insults, well they come generally from those of the lower IQ range and I cannot accept such mismanagement of individual human brain capacity. Think about it, next time you wish to degrade someone's character thru anonymous Internet critique. And that goes for Ed too, if in fact Ed is this person's real name. Silly humans.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;


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