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FABULOUS: - Many 'fabulous' personages and concepts are created by man. Some are attempts to make sense of a confusing array of real things he doesn't understand, others are created by those who would have us 'believe'. The art of making others 'believe' what you want them to, is an art that developed over millions of years even if man is only modern for the last hundred thousand years. 'As you believe so shall you do' and fables which set early modes of relating to our environment in nursery rhymes and other equally 'fabulous' or fantastic histories. Revisionist history was definitely begun in earnest during the Babylonian and early Greek era. By the time of Alexander he was so convinced this art was achievable that he declared himself a divine creature and no longer just used the descended from divine or demi-god fiction. All knowledge was to become Hellenized or made to fit the needs of his Empire.

We have perfected this art against our 'brothers' and for the benefit of the few and their minions to the point that it requires a sincere willingness to courageously demonstrate independent thinking and questioning in the face of ridicule and worse. Little of what was believed in the last century is thought to be true today but that does not mean we are closer to the real truth. In fact we may have a more thoroughly manipulated image of our supposed reality than the 19th century elitists who wrote with some excitement about what could be.

The almighty dollar and the increasing social support network is a positive re-inforcer of mass behavior. B. F. Skinner was certainly a bad person for doing what he did to his daughter (keeping her in his attic, etc.) but he was the maven or guru of behavioral psychology and knew what society was headed towards and why; to an extent that his name was synonymous with the word behavior. He said the feudal 'negative reinforcers' like serfdom and whippings actually left a greater freedom for the masses than our great education from birth to grave. Taxes to provide the very controls which we are led to believe we want; might well be why Joseph Kennedy, Sr. (a true villain) told his kids the way to power was going to be in government as he prepared to buy the Presidency for Joe Jr., and eventually Jack.

There was no need to tell the truth when great fiction writers could be bought and the image of 'Camelot' and the Kennedy clan was created. We now know that Jackie was probably the world's highest paid courtesan for her brief time spent with Onassis. A detailed look at their marriage agreement would amaze even the most jaundiced and cynical person. Arts and Entertainment did a decent documentary that showed some of the Chicago mob involvement in the making of what many still consider to be the best American President ever. Jack was a drug abuser and lecher who misused his fellow man in the image and model of his stock swindling drug or alcohol running parent. It isn't so much what they did as how they manipulated the media. In Watergate everyone got to see Nixon try to do it on national TV every night for months. Still we think what we are told has some semblance of truth, or at least the majority of people do, as they follow the footsteps laid out for them.

FAINT-HEARTED: - The faint of heart include those who have serious causes and philanthropical intentions as well as the great unwashed. It is easy to hide oneself in the intensity of any number of issues while losing sight of the real underlying causes of all the concerns that permeate our great society. When we learn to avoid confrontation and begin to accept the polite purpose promulgated by peer pressure we lose perspective and actually support the prevailing ethic of deceit. In fact it is a good thing to share one's thoughts about sex, religion and politics despite the taboos against such behavior.

Yes, it might not make you popular and it certainly puts you in some sticky situations; in the end if you go along with the game and take your piece of the action what might your karma be? Are we not responsible for what is happening at the hands of our collective governments because we participate in the apparent benefits and vote to maintain such frauds and guises of deceit? Why allow your children to be taught the lies of history? Why listen to the same tired clichés and rationalizations about 'What can one man do?' or 'You can't fight City Hall!' We imagine if you were put inside the skin of an Ethiopian or Saudi woman you would find a reason to fight. I know most people want to believe there is justice rather than vengeance in the hearts of our police and penal guards who work for empires of amazing incompetence while fighting to get a piece of the 'pad' or drug action. Who really knows what effect the drugs given mental patients have? Is not the straight-jacket actually more humane than burning or destroying brain cells and 'libido', in pursuit of making people 'manageable'? Did you know they try to sell ECT's as a boon to the elderly while they force Ritalin (an amphetamine, gateway drug) down the throats of children?


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