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Human Genome Project and Mayan Calendar

HUMAN GENOME PROJECT: - In 1991 Michael Coe wrote Breaking the Mayan Code in which he said knowing how this language was 'both phonetic as well as pictographic was as important as the Human Genome Project and space colonization'. Personally I think it is very important to see the Mayans had a language understandable in many contexts across numerous tribes and people. It IS very important to our proposed Brotherhood of Man. It is not as important as either of the other major advances for the near future of mankind; space colonization will be our saving grace as remnants of humanity even if he would interpret the Mayan prophecy that calls for a new civilization in 2012 as an end to earthian humans. My personal hope is the prophecy relates to a new purpose and focus for humanity. That will require ethical approaches to the Human Genome Project. We do not need to force a small group of humans into some new species even if they think it would be best for themselves or all of us, collectively. Those who will desire the near immortality gene-therapy and the fixing of telomeres it will allow should not be allowed to become Homo Sapiens Immortalis if all people are not allowed access. How can we stop this from happening? What about cloning humans? Then there is Danny Hillis and those who would like to dump their brain into a perfected robot of sentient ability. This is not a science fiction primer but it must seem so at this juncture, or at least it would have to my father's generation.

"The genetic instructions for making a person take up less than 21/2 centimetres of the 1.8-metre-long strand of DNA that's stuffed inside virtually every cell in the body, according to new findings. Most of the rest of the human genome is filled with weird life-like entities that have settled in the genome like squatters, among them microscopic bits of foreign DNA {Gardner says some is Anunnaki or alien DNA, and that blank parts exist for more programming.} that live like parasites on human DNA and even smaller bits that sponge off those parasites. Although scientists have known that such critters existed in the human genome, only now have they been able to see how many there really are, how they are distributed among people's genes, and how these complex communities evolved inside the cells of human ancestors over millions of years?

'We've called the human genome the book of life, but it's really three books,' said Francis Collins, director of the National Human Genome Research Institute in Bethesda, Md., and a chief of the human genome project. 'It's a history book. It's a shop manual and a parts list. And' it's a textbook of medicine more profoundly detailed than ever.'...

The researchers also found that sperm carry twice as many mutations as eggs, suggesting that men are the major source of genetic errors and evolutionary innovation.

By comparing the human genome to the genome of simpler organisms like the fly and the worm, scientists are also seeing with unprecedented detail how just a handful of genetic innovations helped launch early vertebrates ahead of the biological pack hundreds of millions of years ago.

For all the evolutionary creativity that led to the human race, genome scientists said, there is shockingly little variation from person to person. Around the globe, they are all about 99.9 per cent genetically identical." (10)

Do you think there is more we will learn about how white men came to be, or how many hominids there have been as modern as us? There appears to be a great deal of information available in our genes. Could they be a computer access code that the soul commands? I think the akashic and cosmic energy is consciously swimming around and inside all life. The NASA scientists say life is everywhere and I say love is there too. If only we allow ourselves to feel and sense its' all encompassing warmth that permeates every void and fills every rock. The shamans made their drugs by attunement and receiving direction from the plants and rocks. Jung's archetypes are very much connected to the genes which carry our past. Perhaps Jesus and his 'living father within' are closely connected to enable us through our genes. The mystics say the genes receive instruction from the soul and spirit. Our archetypes or the lattices of 'one-dimensional harmonic force' with all 11 M-branes in each and every atom, coordinate in our solar bodies as well as our dross physical bodies. It is ludicrous to think we know all about consciousness or the soul, and most people live in ignorance or deny its' essence.

The trips we can take as we allow our soul to infuse our solar body and consciously travel are awesome. They are no more hallucinatory than the grimace on the face of the professor who denies these ideas. The poets and minstrels of yore were able to carry our imaginations to the nether regions as we began to dance in harmony with nature. The forces of nature have coherence and meridians or lattices and vectors that allow the functioning of all that is so magnificent. We have tried to place ourselves above nature and we will (hopefully) never achieve that all too egotistical pursuit. These forces are there to welcome us as we stand on the cliff contemplating a dive. Viktor Hugo wrote a wonderful appreciation of Shakespeare that I love to quote. He likened our observation of Shakespeare to standing on this cliff and looking out to "Glimpse the waves of the marvellous!" Each time we return to read his plays we experience greater depths and return to that cliff and take one step further down as we're drawn closer to the all embracing reality of the waves in the cosmic ocean that awaits us in connected beauty upon the end of our journey.

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