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Murder Solved From The Grave

I am very interested in reading about ghostly stories and spirits etc. A couple of years ago I heard about a story which is apparently true, about a murder which was solved from the grave.

This happened in the UK.

A woman in her twenties always believed she had special powers of being able to have contact with the spiritual world, however she did not want these powers and she certianly had never told anybody else about it. For the purpose of this article, I will call the lady Sue.

One evening about five miles away from where Sue lived, another young lady who I will call Lisa, was brutally murdered by somebody she had never met before.

Sue and Lisa had never met.

As you may be aware, the police find it harder to solve murder cases where the victim is unknown to their killer. These types of murder are also quite rare.

Later that evening Sue was awaken by a noise in her bedroom. As she sat up there was a woman on her bed sobbing, it was Lisa. Sue who was strangely quite calm asked her, who she was, why she was crying and why she was in her bedroom.

"I have just been murdered, I know you can help me"

Sue who was obviously shocked, asked how she could help her.

"I want to tell you what has happened to me and I want to describe the killer to you. I then want you to go to the police station tommorrow to tell them what I have told you. This will help them to find the killer, then I will be able to rest in peace."

Sue reluctantly agreed and Lisa disappeared.

Sue did go to the police and described the killer, telling them many things about him, including that he had a tattoo on his arm with the words "crazy fox" on.

The police did not take her as a serious witness, even though they found it strange that she seemed to know so much about the killing itself.

The murder itself went unsolved for twenty years, until a man was arrested for drunk driving. The police took his DNA and it was matched to the murder of Lisa.

Have a guess what he had tattoed on his arm, "crazy fox".

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