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Your Souls Purpose Is Found In the Zodiac

Of course, science has explained this to us, and we accept it intellectually, but most of us don't think of ourselves as being born in the sky while riding the earth spaceship.

It seems very obvious that since we are part of the heavens all of us are constantly moving through the zodiac and are subject to its magnetic signals. Therefore, it is very important that we become intimately acquainted with the place in which we live:THE ZODIAC!

We are part of the zodiac. If you read it correctly, you can discover the purpose of your life.

Since it takes many years to learn how to do this, we need to turn to the professional astrologer to help us read the zodiac --- the signs and planets that live in our back yard.

At one given moment, as the earth zoomed through a particular section of the zodiac, you were born. When that happened, the sky around you was charged with a heavenly imprint. This imprint was born as you when you took your first breath. The astrological chart is a map of this moment.

Think of a circle cut into 12 pieces like a pie. Each one of those pieces is a color. We call this color a "sign." Now throw 11 darts at this multi-colored pie. Ten of these darts are the planets and one of them is just a point in space called the "north node."

If you put your date, time and place of birth into an astrological program, it will calculate where all these "darts" are located. It will also pinpoint the exact location of your lunar node. I consider this node as the most important point in your birth chart and the most critical to understand.

Believe it or not, the lunar node reveals your soul's purpose. It shows what you are trying to fulfill as a human being while living "down here." A skilled astrologer can tell you what your life's purpose is.

If you will email me your date of birth I can tell you where your north node is located and how you can receive a free analysis. Please go to my website listed below, click on the "Contact Me" navigation bar and email me your birth date. You could discover your soul's life purpose today --- and it's free.

Randall Curtis is a professional astrologer with world-wide clients, founder of Planetary Psychology©, and The Institute of Professional Astrology. He is he author of an outstanding text on astrology, "No One is a Mystery - How to Use the Planets to Understand Anybody" which can be found at this location. He can also be reached at


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