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Every year I go to the Money Show inOrlando, Florida. Thousands attend. It is mostlyan older crowd with the youngsters about 40years of age. I have been saying for years thatuntil you have lost enough money trying to makea fortune you will not become serious aboutinvesting. The under 40's are shooting for themoon and it has finally dawned on the over 40's(maybe it's the over 50's) that they must find abetter way to get rich.

The Money Show presents a forum ofrecognized experts in their field. It may belong-term or short term trading. It could be instocks, bonds, mutual fund, ETFs (ExchangeTraded Funds), oil and gas properties, options,commodity futures, managed accounts and othermore esoteric venues.

Each one of the "experts" allows youto listen to him speak (at no charge) to tellyou how he has found the secret to stock marketsuccess and why you should buy his Holy Grailservice. You will receive his (daily, weekly,monthly) market letter for the ridiculously lowprice of from $250 to $5,000 or more. You maynot have found the Holy Grail, but he has.

Almost all of them have a "when tobuy" method, but very few have a "when to cashin your chips" method and fewer than that willhave any way to protect yourself from losing itall should their Holy Grail method turn intoHoly Cow.

The Orlando show occurs in February so everyexpert has his predictions for the coming year.The only bear I found was Martin Weiss, but hewasn't a bull in 1999 either. No one wants tohear dire consequences of a bad year for theirstocks so the audience is fed the kind of foodthey like. Everything is going to be even betterthis years and with my super software (ornewsletter) you will make a better return thanever before.

During the three day show there were 396individual presentations most of which ran aboutan hour more or less and then there were theextra charges for having breakfast, lunch, tea,whatever with one of the speakers. And theseweren't cheap. You could also sign up for allday seminars. In the Exhibit Hall there wasalways an expert giving a lecture with a greatslide show on how his Grail (I am gettinghesitant about calling it Holy) will increaseyour portfolio.

Many investors came to see the guru whose marketletter they were receiving. Very few of thesemavens are making anyone rich, but there aresome. My question to them is are they puttingtheir own money on the line or are these resultshypothetical?

After attending several of these seminars eachday with each presenter showing his magicget-rich formula it would seem these folks wouldgo home more confused than when they came. Thereis no Holy Grail of investing. At least I havenot found it nor do I know anyone who has. Donot rely on someone else to make you rich.' Youhave to do it yourself.

The real Holy Grail translates intotwo words - Hard Work.

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