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Commodities - The Next Big Wave of Fortune Building

Have you often wished you could have got in on a tremendous money making opportunity before it took off? How would you feel if you had bought Microsoft stock when it first went public and your investment doubled 5 times? Imagine how rich you would be right now?

I'm not saying you should be in Microsoft stock at this time. In fact Microsoft's stock has stayed in the $25 range for years now. Sorry, you missed that opportunity but there's a bigger opportunity coming around the corner. In just a moment I will even tell you what's driving the opportunity.

The opportunity I am speaking of, if you have not already guessed, is commodities. Why commodities? There are many reasons but to name a few, the margin requirements are ridiculously low compared to stocks, less time consuming, and they have the potential to generate more profits at a faster pace.

We all know that for the most part, wealthy people know how to increase their wealth. So why not follow wealthy people? The obvious difference is that they are able to invest more money than us but as long as we follow the same techniques and strategies our money will grow too.

Wealthy people are moving some of their money into commodities right now! Warren Buffet has profited over $70 million in commodities. Would you stop investing in commodities if you made that kind of money and there was still more to come? Neither would Warren.

Jim Rogers, co-founder of the Quantum Fund, was able to retire at the age of 38 after making hundreds of millions of dollars in commodities. He is so excited about what he sees in commodities that he came out of retirement and has already made millions more.

My belief is that, in the past, commodities received a bad name because people did not understand how investment cycles work. Some people were caught investing in them when they were out of cycle. However, commodities are in an up trend. According to experts these trends last for 10-18 years!

As promised earlier, I will reveal what's driving this trend. It is China driving this trend. They are not only driving it they are pressing the accelerator down to the floor. They opened up their markets to the world and now they need more infrastructure to support their rapid growth. They have the fastest growing economy in the world. Another reason they are growing so quickly is in preparation of the 2008 Olympic Games that they will host.

Most automobile drivers sometimes complain about how high gasoline prices have gone. Well, commodities offer YOU a way to make money from this situation. You can either invest in unleaded gasoline or crude oil, from which gasoline is derived. Once you make money from this investment please join me in helping others by occasionally purchasing gas cards to give away or simply paying for the person's gas behind you at the checkout line.

Finally, commodities offer a way for you to catch the next big fortune building opportunity. If you have not heard much about it that's because the wealthy usually do not talk much about how much money they are making. The less fortunate would frown upon them if they did. China is fueling the growth for commodities in what I termed the "China ATM", which stands for China Automatically Transferring Money. Are you ready to take money out of the "China ATM"?

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