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Invest or be Pink Slipped

Firing an employee seems to be easier and easier for corporations. Up until now you allowed them to set your clocks. Now its time to fight back! Beat them at their own game. They had your future pegged. Now your certainty is in your own hands.

Corporations attempt to make the best use of their resources so they claim. You must do the same! And when the corporation is no longer the best use of your resource give them their pink slip. You must begin to look for ways to capitalize on your time and increase your earning potential. Think like a corporation about how you can increase your earnings quarter by quarter.

This is exactly what I did and I am so grateful for it. I had started six years prior diversifying my income. I accomplished this by investing in commodities. I still remember the thrill of my first trade in commodities. I managed to turn $1,500 into $18,000 in about 4 months. That was almost equal to my $20,000/ yr salary at that time. Up to that point nothing I attempted to do to earn a real income, you know the type of income that would allow me to splurge and enjoy life, actually worked.

I immediately stopped buying all the other so-called moneymaking material. I began focusing all my efforts on investing in commodities. A funny thing happened to me. I noticed I actually performed my job better because I was happier knowing I had my investments working for me. I was able to handle stress much better. I started setting goals and taking vacations away from home instead of using my vacation time simply as time off from work.

I even started solving problems that were a challenge for others but the solutions seemed to come to me with ease. I gradually moved up in the company through promotions. I started viewing the company as an investment for me. This view allowed me to start taking full advantage of their tuition reimbursement program and their interest free loans for computer purchases.

My experience of investing in commodities allowed me to change my perspective on life. When I was given the news that I would be out of a job due to reorganization, I felt no pressure. I had planned for this moment six years in advance. Of course, everyone was quite shocked when I kept my composure and said the company was the best company I had ever worked for.

I continued to work diligently and happily right up to the very last day. You see the company had paid for my college education, gave me two interest free loans for my computers and gave me a lifetime of experience. Well, the truth is I knew I had my investments in commodities and the company had allowed me to earn the money to invest.

Diversify your income now!

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