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Bearish or Bullish?

If you are interested in stock investing and the stock market, you may have plenty of questions. Even if you have already started investing, you may still have many questions about the details of the stock market and your options. Even the stock investing pro needs tips now and again and is ona path of continuous daily learning. That is their lifestyle and sometimes their contribution in life.

So, how, as a part-time investor, do you know where to gofor recommendations? How can you be sure the ideas you aregetting is good advice? How can you use that advice to makeright decisions about your portfolio so that your investingmeets your ultimate plan?

Stock advice comes in many forms; financial reports,newsletters, performance charts, and trade papers, providedby financial institutions, stock analysts and investmentcompanies are only a few of the valuable sources for marketinformation. Stock tips, investment strategies and moneymanagement predictions can be obtained by a mere phone callor in a casual chat with your relatives or businesscolleague.

You can receive stock advice by watching CNN or your localnews and seeing what is going on in the world and thecondition of various companies. You can also look atcompanies that are looking to grow or to merge and at whatthe companies' projections and strategies are.

And with the advent of the Internet, stock advice can befound most anywhere at the touch of a keyboard. Most adviceis at no cost. Many software programs have also beendesigned to help take the guesswork out of stock trading andthese can be downloaded to your computer.

Although everyone you know may have their two cents worth toadd to your stock decision making, finding really excellentstock advice can often be elusive and even downrightexpensive. That's why it is important to investigate andcompare the investment firms themselves, ask the rightquestions and seeking out those who have established trackrecords, can put you on the road to success early and often.Whether the current market trend is bullish or bearish,there are opportunities out there to make it profitable foryou. Think long term, not short term (especially, if you arestarting at a young age) and the market will provide youwith success.

Alton S.Shermand is founder of FIN Stock an excellent resource site dedicated to information on stocks.

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