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Wit and Wisdom on Money, Wall Street and Success - Part #2

Here are ten more WISDOM packed GEMS that ooffer very unqiue insights to the world of trading and investing.

These quotes promote a philosophy which is readily understandable and sometimes hysterical.

In my 25+ years of investing I have collected hundreds of quotes related to Wisdom, Wall Street and Success. I submit this small selection with the hopes that it will enlighten the forces required for your future financial success. Enjoy!

1) "If 40 million people say a foolish thing, it does not become a wise one."

- W. Somerset Maugham

2) "One thousand dollars left to earn interest at 8% a year will grow to $43 quadrillion in 400 years, but the first hundred years are the hardest."

Sidney Homer, A History of Interest Rates

3) "Everytime history repeats itself, the price goes up."


4) "In all recorded history, there has not been one economist who has had to worry about where the the next meal would come from."

-Peter Drucker

5) "A good trader has to have three things: a chronic inability to accept things at face value, to feel continuously unsettled, and to have humility.

-Michael Steinhardt

6) "Don't confuse brains with a bull market."

-Humphrey Neill

7) "Financial genius is a rising stock market."

-John Kenneth Galbraith

8) "The purpose of a market is to facilitate trade."

-J. Peter Steidlemayer

9) "Buy high, sell higher."

-William O'Neil

10) "Manage Your Risk or It Will Manage You!"

-Harald Anderson - Analyst at

Harald Anderson is the founder and Chief Analyst of a leading online resource of Options Trading Information. He writes regularly for financial publications on Risk Management and Trading Strategies. His goal in life is to become the kind of person that his dog already thinks he is.

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