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Investments are scary for some people, especially those who have never invested before. We grow up hearing horror stories about how this person or that person lost everything they had on some bad investment some odd years ago and it builds in us a fear of investing so profound that it is sometimes easier to get a confirmed agoraphobic to march in the Macy's Day Parade than it is to get someone to put a few dollars into stocks or mutual funds.

Part of the problem is that people have the wrong idea about how investments should work. We're always looking for the big score, the quick road to riches, and the quick return investments that will turn ten thousand dollars into ten million dollars overnight. Guess what? These investments don't exist.

"What about Microsoft?" is the question many will ask here. "What about Ebay and Wal- Mart and Xerox and?" you get the picture. While it's true there have been some companies that have surprised everyone by becoming quick successes and their stockholders watched with excited eyes and dilated pupils as their portfolios did some colossal growing in short periods of time, these are the exception rather than the rule in investing. Investments should be looked at as long-term money makers and security providers, not a spin of the roulette wheel with a big payoff or a devastating loss.

If you're investing casually the best thing you could possibly do is find a stable company or mutual funds, put in your money, and forget about it. Those that watch the market reports constantly and suffer heart palpitations every time the company they have invested in drops a few points will either go crazy or wind up losing money by selling company stock at a lower price than they paid for fear that if they don't get out now, the bottom will drop out, leaving them with worthless stock. Don't worry. Coca-Cola is not going belly-up anytime soon.

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