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Expand Your Pool of Investors for Your Company

If you own a company that sells complicated products and you want more investors, consider having topics on your web site that discuss the background needed to understand your products and your company. For example, if your company specializes in producing and researching monoclonal antibodies, post articles discussing exactly what monoclonal antibodies are, how they are produced and what research your company is engaged in. In some cases, it may be a good idea to work with an outside writer, one who can explain the information in layman's terms.

Provide links to other sites discussing your industry. For example, a pharmaceutical company could provide a link to a web site discussing how clinical trials work. Suggest books to read. For example, a biotechnology company can suggest potential investors read The Biotech Investor: How to Profit from the Coming Boom in Biotechnology by Tom Abate.

Look over your annual report. How many terms may be confusing to readers? Many annual reports use terms known only in the industry. While you may not want to discuss every term you use in your annual report, you can direct potential investors to visit your web site to access a glossary. Granted, many of your investors and potential investors will be very knowledgeable in your field. However, you are looking to expand your pool of investors. The more a person understands about a company, the more he or she will be inclined to invest in that company. You just have to look at the most popular stocks to see that in most cases, what these companies do is understandable to most investors.

Heather L. Koppes is a freelance business writer who specializes in making copy accessible to readers. She writes company literature including newsletters, brochures, articles, case histories and press releases. You can check out her daily blog at


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