Investing Information

Investing Information

Financial Planners

"Financial planners are like dentists: they may occasionally inflict pain, but in the end, you will be better off for following their advice!"Whoever wrote these lines must have either been a financial planner or someone who relied heavily on planners for finance management. We all know that planning our finances is vital.

Why have Investment Plans for the Stock Market

If you do not have an investment plan in the stock market you are subject to impulses, urges, hunches, premonitions, strong feelings, greed, panic, fear, indecision, and just plain foolishness. In my opinion, without a plan, without that clear conception of a total stock market investment strategy, the chances of successful investing in the stock market are pretty slim.

Franchise Opportunity Sellers Beware; franchise buyers lie on forms?

It seems completely absurd that franchise buyers lie about their financial position, available cash and abilities in order to buy a franchise. After spending 8 years setting up franchises around the nation and fielding inquiries I am appalled at the lack of integrity of the average business buyer.

Discipline in Investing and Trading

Discipline can be simply defined as your ability to follow your investing and trading plan.Discipline is a rather simple concept.

Realistic Investing Expectations

Over the long term stocks have provided us with great average return results. But this average return masks a great deal of volatility, because returns have fluctuated within a very wide band.

Why You Need To Buy and Sell Gold Coins (Part 6)

Pre-1933 Gold Outperforms Today's Gold Bullion..

June 2005: Weather Forecasts for Weather Traders

If Johannes Kepler, the renowned 17th century astronomer and discoverer of the planetary laws of motion, could speak from the heavenlies, he might have a few words of wisdom to share with the National Weather Service. Although Kepler's name is not normally associated with meteorology, he was quite the weather forecaster in his day.

Help with My Annuity

The cries are heard from the distance, "I need help with my annuities." Nothing has changed.

Annuity Help

Many people today are looking for annuity help. The biggest challenge seems to be that most of the help is biased.

Can Your Annuity Do This?

Many people buy annuities according to their agent's recommendations. However, many people do not even know what they own.

Annuity Investment - The Whole Truth

Do you ever feel like you haven't been told the whole truth? Kind of like something is missing? Well, you are not alone.With many investors awestruck over the last several years by the declining stock markets, many feel like they're out in the cold.

Annuity Investment Guide

While there is not a lack of information on annuities, there certainly is a lack of good information. In an age full of information, we are constantly bombarded with irrelevant data.

Annuity Owner Mistakes

Okay, so I can tell you I have sat in front of countless numbers of people who have made mistakes when purchasing and owning annuities. And I have visited people who wish they never got involved in an annuity.

Should You Put Your Annuity in an IRA?

Let me start by answering that question..

Variable Annuities

You know all the articles you read about annuities that have extremely high fees? And the ones that people lose a lot of money in? Well, these are better known as variable annuities. yes, they do have some advantages.

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