Investing Information

Investing Information

Powerful Hidden Techniques Mystery Formula - The Covered Call Option Trading Buy-Write Strategy

For better or worse, most option trading investors purchase stocks with the intent of holding their shares for an extended period of time.We do this mainly because the media and industry professionals have drilled into our heads, year after year, time after time, that it’s best to buy and hold.

Seven Investment Terms Everyone Should Know

For those who have never given their financial future a second thought, the term "Financial Planning" could be a scary one. Investments can be a smart way to invest money for your future, but it can be confusing for those who have no experience in the financial business.

Preparing to Invest: How to get started

Investments can be a source of great potential earnings. The two most common reasons that a person does not invest are either they do not have the money or they do not know how to get started.

Critical Options Investing Tip When Trading Naked Calls and Puts

An option is a derivative trading product that is best used by investors as a hedging tool providing investing profit protection and profit enhancement. Although it is a powerful risk management tool, it can also be used effectively as a stand-alone trading vehicle.

Hedge Fund 101 - Make Money with Hedge Funds

Investors are always looking for the best investments that will yield the most profit. Any investor who can afford the extra cost should consider investing in Hedge Funds.

Invest or be Pink Slipped

Firing an employee seems to be easier and easier for corporations. Up until now you allowed them to set your clocks.

The Arrow-Debreu Contingent Claims Model of Investment

Throughout the discussion of speculation and stability, we emphasized that uncertainty theorists now have a generally accepted framework for modeling choice under uncertainty. Economic theorists have chosen to model uncertainty as the revelation of a state of the world.

Will a Falling Dollar Derail Your Plans for Retirement?

How much are you willing to pay for a tank of gas? We've all watched as gas prices hit record highs, but what would you do if you filled your tank and paid by credit card only to discover on your monthly statement that you paid $80 to fill an economy car. No, this is not some future doomsday projection of oil prices.

Planning for Retirement

Almost without exception, people don't start planning for their retirement early enough in their lives. Young people leaving High School or College and going into their first paid position find it difficult to look or see ahead to age sixty or sixty-five.

Creating Momentum with Options - Pro and Cons of At-the-money, In-the-money, and Out-of-the-money

To create momentum in your options trading you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of at-the-money options, in-the-money options and out-of-the-money options.An at-the-money option has both advantages and disadvantages over stock and in-the-money options.

Investing and Asset Allocation

Sometimes you spend sleepless nights worrying about which stocks to buy and which to sell, which funds to own and which to dump and whether to get into bonds.All of these are legitimate concerns, but the greatest determinant of your success as an investor will not be your sagacity in selecting specific stocks, bonds or funds for your portfolio.

Online Trading Options Strategies - Rolling

Rolling is defined in options online trading as moving a position from one strike to another either vertically in the same month, horizontally to another month or some combination thereof.Other times, you may have to buy your short call back so that you will not lose your stock.

Basic Options Terms

Options are good investing and speculative instruments. But options terminology may confuse even experienced investors.

Retire Dollar Smart

Jim Miller is a registered investment advisor. This means that he is not beholden to a particular brokerage or financial institution.

Guru Focused: Robert Olstein's Short Sells

While it is rather rare that value gurus sell stocks short, Robert Olstein has been selling short in his Financial Alert Fund. The accountant-turned fund manager spots values by looking behind the numbers.

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