Investing Information

Investing Information

Part II of Day Traders and Swing Traders and Options? Maybe!

Before every protective put trade it is possible to calculateyour anticipated maximum loss. Use the formula: (stock priceminus strike price) plus option price.

Larry, Moe and Curley, Investment Brokers

Larry, Moe and Curley were sitting in their favorite restaurant just off Wall Street having their usual 3 martini lunch and were discussing the day's events and their client portfolios.Larry:"I had 12 calls this morningfrom customers wanting to know why the market was going down".

Trading Baskets Part I

Q. What is a basket?A basket is a group of up to 50 stocks that you can trade, manage and track as one entity.

What My Horse Had For Breakfast

Let's see, he had some oats, fresh alfalfa and his vitamins. I know from the mixture that is great food and he will win the seventh race this afternoon.

Justify Social Security ... Dont Save for Retirement

It is a common question when investors review their retirement plan-should we include social security benefits into our retirement income projections?It seems the closer an investor is to retirement, the more likely he/she will include social security benefits into the analysis. Younger investors, however, may feel compelled to omit such benefits.

Super Rules, OK?

Do you rule your superannuation or does it rule you?It's easy to fall for some myths about your super unless you do some clear thinking about who is in charge. Virtually all Australian employees now have a superannuation account, many have several, even more than they know about.


Has your broker ever told you that a stock is "overbought" or "oversold"? He probably went on the explain that the stock you own (I hope you didn't) had gone down so far that it now was oversold and due for a rally. He might also have encouraged you to buy an equal amount to "dollar cost average" your position so that when ("if"- he didn't say that, I did)) it did go back up you could "get out even".

Protecting the Tax Advantage of Your Deferred Compensation

The American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 imposed strict new rules on non-qualified deferred compensation plans. Beginning in 2005, deferred compensation programs that are not in compliance with the new rules may be taxed as wages, slapped with a 20% excise tax, plus charged an interest penalty.

Is Starting A Business For Me? What To Consider Before Starting A Business

Do you have the right temperament?Starting a small business is one of the most serious decisions that a person can take in life. Positively, it often results in higher income levels than one could achieve as an employee together with the unique buzz of being your own boss but conversely it also can be stressful, will demand longer working hours and will probably reduce your ability to take long holidays.

Rules for Simplified Employee Pension Plans better known as a SEP Plans

A SEP is a special type of IRA. Under a SEP plan the employer creates an IRA account for each eligible employee, hence the name SEP-IRA.

Are You An Investment Dummy Like Me?

I am good at a few things. I can certainly market well and I consult with others about how to bring more attention to their products and services on the internet for a living.

Profitability And Stock Turn Rate

The inventory of the typical store represents the largest single element of its total assets. The sale of goods from this inventory is the merchant's chief source of operating profit.

Retirement Is A Scary Proposition If Youre Without A Plan, And Running Out Of Time

Of the 75 million baby boomers nearing retirement today, many are:* Debt Ridden* Severely unprepared for retirement* Under Funded* Without a StrategyThis is a very serious problem in a country that we can all remember used to assure most people of a retirement where you are taken care of financially.We all know that social security alone is not the answer to this problem.

Investing Online Has Its Rewards: Find Out How To Take Advantage Of Them

Computerized investing. Online investing.

The Realities Of Market Timing

Market timing systems are based on patterns of activity in the past. Every system that you are likely to hear about works well when it is applied to historical data.

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