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Wedding Day Hair Styles - A Top Ten Checklist

The big day is fast approaching, and the energy of themoment sweeps you up. But does it carry your hair alongtoo? Use the following checklist to ensure your wedding dayhair is everything you dream it will be:

1. Which stylist? Make bookings for consultations with morethan one stylist well in advance and decide on the one youfeel most comfortable with. You should be able to expressyour likes and dislikes without feeling awkward.

2. Long hair, shoulder length, or short hair? It isimportant to consult with your stylist well in advance andmake a decision. Long hair obviously gives the stylist muchfreedom for creativity but a skilled stylist can also workwell with medium and short styles. Be sure to choose alength that fits with your personality and style.

3. Have your hair compliment your wedding dress. This canbe done by both style and accessories. Smooth, straight hairand pinned up curls are often paired up with smooth satingowns, whereas a tulle dress often goes well with softcurls.

4. Take into consideration your silhouette. If it's alonghorizontal lines such as with a wide dress, you'll want tostick with that look for your hair as well. The same goesfor a vertical profile.

5. You'll be spending a lot of time at the salon picking outthe perfect hairstyle, so it's best to be prepared. Be sureto wash your hair the night before your consultation, andtry to have some pictures of styles you'd like to try out.

6. Take a picture of your wedding dress along to yourstylist. This will greatly help the process along. Also takeyour veil with you, and let the stylist know what kind ofwedding you are having: formal, informal, evening, daytime.Alternatively, consult with your stylist before deciding onyour headpiece.

7. If you are interested in a new cut or color to your hair,don't wait until right before your wedding. Make the changesduring the initial consultation with the stylist, so thatyou don't have any unpleasant surprises down the road.

8. After you have decided on your style, make sure you walkaround with it. Your wedding day will be a long one and youcertainly don't want an uncomfortable hair do causingirritation!

9. Your veil length will have some influence on your choiceof hairstyle. Normally, the veil is longer than the hair. Itis often secured in back swept hair (for up dos) and it'simportant to make sure the style can hold the veil in place.

10. What accessories are you going to wear? You will already(hopefully!) have your headpiece picked out. Flowers, pins,and beads can be used to add an extra sparkle to your hair,and you can and should coordinate them with the rest ofyour jewelry.

It may sound like choosing a bridal hair style is astrenuous activity, but the care and preparation is simplyto make sure your wedding day is the best it can be.

Following this ten point checklist will ensure your weddingday hair style is a delight, not a disaster!

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