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Groomsmens Gifts

Your groomsmen will be donating their time to your big event. They will appear at the tailor or rental store to be fitted for that formal wear. They will hear your arguments with your beloved over the wedding arrangements. They will celebrate your last night of being a single man. They will cheerfully escort your guests to their seat. And some will offer toasts in your honor at your reception. So how do you show your appreciation for all they are doing for you? Take a look at some of our suggestions.

-A key chain with a four leaf clover embedded into a plastic circle.

-A monogrammed leather money clip with their initials on the front.

-Silver cuff links with their last initial engraved on the surface.

-For the man who travels, a monogrammed leather travel valet.

-For the ones who are still single, give a silver paperweight of a frog with a crown on his head.

-A set of silver pen and pencil set with their last initial as an emblem on the clip.

-A Silver-plated yo-yo with the words "thanks" and the date of your wedding engraved on the side.

-For the golfer in your group, a silver plated key chain with a golf divot tool attached.

-Someone in your group loves to BBQ. Give him an branding iron with his initials so that he can brand every steak that comes off his grill.

-For the hiker, give him a set of "off trail" binoculars.

-For the guys in the baseball team, give them a personalized bat. You can add 3 lines to the bat to express your appreciation.

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