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Caricature Entertainment: A Surefire Way to Liven Up Your Wedding Celebration

Caricature entertainment will make your wedding celebration stand out and be remembered.

If you've never seen caricatures drawn at an event, you'll be amazed when you see how popular they are with guests. Not only do they have a great time, they leave with a memento to cherish.

This article will discuss why it is a great idea to include caricature entertainment at your wedding reception. Then it will furnish tips on finding and booking the perfect artist for your event.

People love to watch an artist draw. The transformation of blank paper into a drawing that captures a guest's personality and character is nothing short of magical. A competent caricature artist performs this seemingly effortless feat in just a few short minutes.

And, so, an audience will quickly form to watch the magic (and have some good natured fun with the 'victim in the hot seat.')

In fact, the better your guests know each other the more likely there will be some ribbing. But that is part of the fun. Especially if you have a family of practical jokers like mine.

Many people think of party caricature as children's entertainment. It is. The 40 and 50 year-old kids have as much - or more - fun as well as the little ones.

Which makes it perfect for wedding receptions where there are few if any chronological children present.

But what makes caricature entertainment really special is that your guests receive a keepsake to take home. Their drawing is a one-of-a-kind memento they will cherish.

Clients have shown me caricature drawings from ten, even twenty years ago. Some had framed them and hung them on a wall.

For an added touch, ask the artist to print an inscription such as "Jenny and Joe's Wedding, March 6, 2006" onto the drawing stock ahead of time.

So, where do you find a caricature artist?
? Word of mouth: Ask your friends, neighbors, colleagues in the office. If they used someone and were happy, chances are you will be, too.

? Your wedding coordinator or event planner: She may offer to make the arrangements for you.

? Venues, caterers, DJs, and other vendors often have preferred vendor lists.

? Search the internet. You'll be able to see the artist's samples, too.

? Other places: Booking agencies, the local convention and visitors bureau or chamber of commerce, trade organizations such as ISES (International Special Events Society -, the Yellow Pages, and ads in hospitality industry and local publications.

Choosing your artist(s)
Since artist styles can range from mild to wild, you'll want to see artist samples of caricaturists under consideration. Since most caricature artists have websites these days, it is easy to view their samples online.

One benchmark of a competent party caricature artist is that he ought to be able to render a black & white likeness of a person's head and shoulders (caricature portrait) in 5 minutes or less (10 minutes for a couple). If your event is large, consider hiring more than one artist.

Also, your artist should have experience working in a special event setting. That is because demands on a party artist are much different than the demands on a studio or theme park artist.

Like other party performers, (and unlike artists at theme parks or the boardwalk), caricature artists base their fee on an hourly rate subject to a minimum.

Your artist will furnish his or her own easel or drawing set up and supply all drawing paper and art supplies.

When choosing your artist, remember that maximum value and the lowest rate are not the same.

It takes years of experience to develop sufficient drawing skill to maintain consistent quality and speed. And it takes experience to develop the skill to handle some of the stickier interpersonal aspects of party work. So expect students and inexperienced artists to quote you a lower rate. But as the adage goes, you get what you pay for.

Booking the artist
If you are dealing directly with the artist, you will receive a contract spelling out the details.

Most times, you'll be asked to pay a deposit to hold the reservation. The balance will be due at the event.

Last, but not least:
If you choose to add caricature entertainment to your wedding reception, relax, enjoy yourself, and make sure you get your turn in the 'hot seat."

About the author

Ellen M. Zucker has entertained at weddings and other kinds of special events for over 10 years. Her company, Faces & Fortunes, provides caricature artists in the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley region. For more information, visit

Her sister site, contains tips, interviews, and advice on putting your event together from the professionals who make parties and special events happen.

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