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Wedding Preparations - Tips To Get You to The Church On Time

For many brides, the wedding ceremony starts long before they walk down the aisle to stand beside their groom at the alter. For many, it is the preparation that they have dreamed about for so long. The spa day with the brides maids, the hair, the make up, fitting of the dress, putting the final touches on the flowers... these are all taken care of ceremoniously by the bride, and her brides maids. It is a time of pampering and luxury, that we seldom have an excuse for, except on the fabulous occasion of the wedding day.

Unfortunately, it is part of the day that can make or break the flow of the hours to follow. Careful planning and consideration must take place well in advance of your wedding day to ensure a schedule that can be maintained and adhered to. Nothing can create tension quite like the scene of a groom left waiting at the alter, as the bride call from the salon to announce that they are running a little late.

You already have the basic ideas of what needs to take place in the morning of your wedding day, such as hair and make up; but did you consider, also, that every brides maid in you wedding party needs to do the same? Did you consider how you would all get to the salon, and when? Where is everyone getting dressed, and when are we possibly going to have time to take pictures? The brides home is one location that often torments photographers, as it is often the most hectic time of the day. The following is a list of things the a bride and brides maids should consider when planning the morning event on the wedding day.

  • Set your alarm - sounds silly doesn't it, but it has saved many a marriage before they even wed
  • Eat breakfast - trust me, it is a very long day and you'll need the energy
  • Shower - it is something you do every day, but you'll forget to schedule time for it in a panic
  • Round up the brides maids - if they spent the night, you won't have any difficulty there
  • Head to the spa / salon - you'll have booked the earliest appointments months in advance, and keep in mind that the bride should have all of her treatments done first
  • Head back to the brides home - as soon as the bride has her hair and make up done, she should head back home to get dressed and photographed; the photographer will need an hour or two to get all the shots that you require
  • Have the flowers arrived yet?
  • Eat lunch - once you (the bride) has had her pictures taken, grab a quick bite while the photographer works with the rest of the bridal party
  • It's time to go the the church

The morning of your Wedding day will fly by quicker that you ever imagined, so be sure to schedule enough time for everything that must take place. A well planned morning will keep tempers down, faces smiling, and allow of to have more fun. The rest of your Wedding day will benefit immensely for it.

Adam Merrifield is owner/operator of Merrifield Photography (,, and chief editor of The Ontario Photographers Directory ( Adam also contributes regularly to the Footprints Newspaper, both as the staff photographer/photojournalist and as a columnist.

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