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Riding into the Sunset in Style

Details, details, details. Paying attention to details, that's what makes a good wedding great. As the maid of honor or best man, a lovely send off for the newlyweds is a tastefully decorated car-announcing to the world "Here comes Mr. & Mrs. Happy Couple"!

Big Splurge
If you're the best man and you have deep pockets, a wonderful wedding treat is splurging for a vintage or customized car for your pal. Match the car to the personality of the couple. Are they sporty and nuts about the outdoors? Rent a custom Hummer H-2. Are they refined Anglophiles? Find a Bentley Azure convertible to take them to their honeymoon in style. In Chicago, a Hummer goes for $399 per day with 100 free miles from Exotic Rentals has locations in many major cities and offers a wide selection. Contact the luxury rental car office in your area to find out about inventory.

Think romance when deciding on car wedding decorations. Soaped up windows with "Donna and James Forever" and cans trailing off the back leaves a bit to be desired.

Contact the florist that was hired for the wedding and inquire about purchasing additional flowers to decorate the car. An antique car looks splendid with carefully placed ivy woven around the chrome details.

Ribbon & Bells
You don't have to take all the fun out of car decoration. Bells and ribbons can be attached to the car calling attention to all who drive by. Try to pick ribbon in complimentary colors to the car. Tulle is another option. Purchase tulle by the yard and adorn the hood with a pretty bow.

For the most meager budget, a hand painted sign can be affixed to the trunk of the car spelling out the joyous news.

Customize your balloons at a local party store. Have the bride and groom's name and wedding date printed on colored balloons. Hide wedding car decorations during the reception and sneak out to affix the balloons to the car, be careful no to obstruct the driver's vision!

If you must write on the car, be sure to select a glass marker for any personalize messages you transcribe as car wedding decorations. Soap or other non-specialized markers can damage paint and ruin a perfectly good honeymoon! Glass markers were uniquely designed to be applied to glass. The paint dries quickly and is removable with a damp cloth.

Step up to the plate and deliver an elegant departure for the happy couple. Scatter rose petals along the walkway to the car for the bride and groom. Have a chilled bottle of champagne waiting for them inside the backseat and perhaps a few nibbles of chocolate--the newlyweds were probably too busy dancing and greeting their guests to enjoy much of their own catering.

Take these suggestions for car wedding decorations and have fun. My most valuable tip is this, HIRE A DRIVER for your friends. They will be exhausted and perhaps under the influence of too many champagne toasts. Get them to their honeymoon safely and in style.

Nicole Feliciano is a professional writer based in New York with experience in travel and fashion writing and a regular contributor to

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