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Wedding Day Savings

A little strategizing can go a long way when trying to cut down on spending for the big day. Invitations, flowers, and music can cost a small fortune but by making some adjustments to these elements you can have an elegant wedding without breaking the bank.

The Invitation is the first taste your guests will get of the type of wedding to expect. Formal weddings will have the formal invitation and a more laid back wedding will have an informal invitation to reflect the setting and mood of the day. When ordering the stationary you should keep in mind how many invitations you need, order half of the number of guests with an extra 10-15 to provide for the single guests and any mistakes you make and maybe a few extra envelopes just incase. It is more costly to reorder another batch rather then order an extra 10 or so, remember the minister and the wedding party receives an invitation also.

Order all of your wedding stationary together, decide if you are going to order your placement cards and thank you cards also, this will probably get you a discount and it will save on the proofing. If you have any special features on the Invitations such as shells, feathers or ribbon buy it and do it yourself ask your family or friends to help, this could save you a couple of hundred dollars on labor. Keep in mind that using different color print can cost extra contrasting colors can look good but bump up the price, you can achieve the same effect by using different shades of color of the card its being printed on, maybe a gold print on a pale gold or yellow card can be just as stunning or take a few lessons in calligraphy and hand write the invitations adding a special touch.

The Facts about Flowers

Flowers that are in season cost less than flowers that are not, Orchids cost more than roses these are general facts, but did you know that flowers cost 20 - 30% more around the holidays including Mothers day, Valentines day, Easter and Christmas keep this in mind when considering a holiday wedding date.

Also low centerpieces cost less than high centerpieces so consider using a mixture of both, make sure to add luscious foliage to the center pieces this has a stunning effect and will cut the cost of extra flowers. Take advantage of the candles and other accessories offered by the reception venue, as it is a lot cheaper than hiring candles and extras from an outside company.

Do not over do it on flowers for the church. The church is usually presented beautifully enough on its own and you will be there for less than an hour so spend your money on the reception area and center pieces, as guests will be there for up to 5 hours.

Make your own table overlays instead of renting them. Ask a sewing relative to help. You can create some beautiful effects using organza or silk.The bridesmaid bouquets can consists of several large blooms that are in season such as peonies in spring and hydrangeas in summer and add some pretty foliage, this will cut the cost of lots of expensive flowers.

This is okay for the bridesmaids but do not skimp on the bridal bouquet, this bouquet will be captured in all the wedding photos so each time the bride glances at that framed photo of her special day she should see the flowers she always wanted in her hands.

Merry Music

This will be a reflection of your own personal choice; the cost will involve the number of musicians and the number of playing hours. Obviously a 12-person band will cost more than a stringed quartet. Once you decide on the type of music you want you need to decide how long you require the musicians there is usually a minimum number of hours they will play so decide if you wand to use them for the hour long ceremony and the pre reception cocktails as well. The number of musicians you require also bump up the price so make sure you only have what you need, sometimes musicians in the band can play an instrument also and if the reception area is small or if the acoustics are good you can cut down on some of the musicians in the band, this will lower the cost.

Consider using a DJ instead this would cost about $500 - $600 compared to the band which could set you back between $1000 and $1500 depending on the amount of musicians and how long they will be playing. Don't be afraid to shop around you can find a cheaper band in your local collage costing half the price of the pro band, be sure to hear them play first, maybe go and see them playing a gig and if you like them why not hire them.

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