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Love Connections - How Wonderful They Are

I've been noticing a few things lately that a few years back were not there.

I've noticed that I worry about things back home more now when I'm away on business trips. I've noticed an increase in phone bills and electricity. I've noticed my time is no longer just my time. I've noticed I can't walk through my house in the dark anymore without stumping my toe on something that wasn't supposed to be there. I've noticed I'm needed a lot more. I've noticed I don't eat on a whim anymore. I've noticed that I have to be more accountable for my time and whereabouts. I've noticed that quiet mornings for sleeping are not a reality anymore.

I've noticed a few more things lately.

I've noticed a strange warming of the heart to hear the voice of family when I call home. I've noticed those longings of my heart to be loved are being met. I've noticed the peace inside I have from knowing someone really cares about me and would miss me if something happened to me. I've noticed the pleasant feeling of waking up to small eyes staring me in the face as I'm being tickled by little ones. I've noticed that the cry of loneliness I experienced for many years seems like a distant memory.

Love connections, how wonderful they are!

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