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Wedding Flowers: How It Emulates Your Personality

Your wedding day, what is presumed to be the happiest day and the start of your new life. The excitement of all the preparations, and so many things to do to make it perfection. Choosing the perfect flowers is an important part of not only the reception, but also the actual service itself. I think you would find it extremely rare not to see flowers at a wedding.

There is a long history with flowers. In ancient times strong smelling flowers or spices were used to ward off evil spirits at the ceremony or some were thought to enhance fertility. As time progressed flowers were used to communicate love or friendship, sympathy or hope. And so, developed the language of flowers.

The flowers you select for your wedding tells a lot about you. Someone who may be very flamboyant in nature may choose hot colors and a wilder looking arrangement. Someone more conservative may choose softer colors and simple bouquets. But no matter the budget, you can achieve wild or earthy, simple but sweet or sheer elegance in your arrangements. Use a reputable florist to guide you in your selections. Draw upon their knowledge and experience but make known to them what you like. Look at their floral books to choose that perfect style and color for you. The arrangements should reflect your style and personality and color scheme of your wedding.

Depending on your budget, you may order flowers just for the bridal party. Whether your budget allows for altar and pew pieces, center pieces or flowers for your cake, whatever arrangements you order, your bridal bouquet and the grooms boutonnire should be the crown jewels. Spend the extra on the bridal bouquet of your dreams and let it show your personality as you walk down the aisle. And just as the knights of the past who wore a special ladies scarf on his chest, the groom will wear his boutonnire expressing his love for his special lady.

May you have the wedding of your dreams.

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