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3 Easy Steps to Buying the Right Engagement Ring

You've made the plunge, you've decided to get married. Congratulations!

Don't think about it now, but there are many things you need to think about before the big wedding day comes, and one of them is how are you going to find the right engagement ring?

Before the stress settles in, here are 3 easy steps to finding and buying the right engagement ring.

1. Go home before you buy.

If you think you have found the right ring, go home. While you are at home, think about the ring you are about to buy. Does the ring have the look you want? Will it fit your lifestyle?

Most people wear their engagement rings for life, so finding the right engagement ring shouldn't be a shopping trip taken lightly.

When you are at home thinking about your engagement ring, think about whether or not it fits your lifestyle. Are you always on the go or into sports? If so, you may not want a large solitaire with a high setting.

2. Ask around for references.

This goes for online and offline shopping. Do you know anyone who has bought from this jeweler or jewelry store? If not, find someone who has, and see what they thought about their transaction.

Honesty is usually the best policy, but on occasion, you will find dishonest people. That goes for all walks of life, and shopping for an engagement ring is no different. If the diamond or stone you are buying has a pretty price tag, you may want to get the values of the ring verified by a third party. You can have someone check the color, clarity, etc of the ring before you have made your purchase.

3. Make the deal.

Would you pay full sticker price for a car? Most people wouldn't. The same goes for engagement ring shopping. Most prices are negotiable, and you can usually haggle your way to a discount or upgrade.

Don't be afraid to ask if that is the best price, and how much of a discount they can give you.

Knowing these 3 easy steps before buying your engagement ring will help you find the right ring, get a good deal and be happy with your engagement ring for life!

Brandon Hopkins is the owner of Online Engagement Rings and has been writing about and buying rings for many years. He is available for speaking and writing opportunities and can be contacted through his website at

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