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Weddings - Who Pays For What?

Of course, times have changed and there are occasions where the traditional ways to pay for the wedding do not apply. But if you are like most people, here's the breakdown of who exactly pays for this thing (should you continue this traditional pattern):

The Family of the Bride -

All of Ceremony (flowers, decorations, announcements, programs, church fees, photographer/videographer, wedding favors, etc?)

All of Reception (music, food, wedding cake, decorations, flowers, etc?)

Wedding gown and accessories

Father's tuxedo and mother's outfit.

The Family of the Groom -

The rehearsal dinner

Groom's cake (if applicable)

Father's tuxedo and mother's outfit.

The Bride -

Groom's wedding ring and wedding gift

Gifts and luncheon for the bridesmaids

The Groom -

Bride's wedding ring and wedding gift

His own formal wear

Corsages for both the mothers and gifts for ushers

Gifts and luncheon for groomsmen

Fee for marriage license


Other payments:

Formal wear for groomsmen and gowns for the bridesmaids should be paid for by themselves

Any formal clothing for children who are in the wedding ceremony should be paid for by their respective parents

Guests pay for their travel and accommodations

Guests bring a gift for the wedding couple

Remember: No matter who flips the bill for your perfect wedding, if you follow the recommendations listed in this guide, your wedding will be just as you've always dreamed but on a budget respectable to YOU!

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