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Trust in Marriage

A couple should trust each other in many ways. When they meet new people they are expected to be trusted not to wonder from a marriage. Not to have an affair or become involved with anyone else. Trust in marriage is also needed when keeping finances under control. A couple should trust one another to respect each other for example when couples have a joint bank account it is on trust that you both use the account responsibly and trust that it will not be abused by either of you.

A 'trust marriage' means to be reliable, honest, confident, consistent and dependant upon one another. Once you have earnt someone's trust life becomes much easier. There is no worry of jealousy between couples. Wherever you go you know you are being trusted to do the right thing and you have a wealth of respect for each other. There is nothing worse than when couples do not trust each other in marriage. A 'trust marriage' should be loyal, amicable and have no confrontations.

Life is too short to become burdened with problems. If a couple pull together at all times then this is what makes a strong 'trust marriage'. You should want to help each other as much as you can and be there for each other as often as you can. When two people love each other and trust each other then life is more relaxed between the two of you and there us not tension in the atmosphere. When two people pull together they can achieve a life time of trust in their marriage. There are no boundaries set, no limits to keep within, no secrets withheld and no misunderstandings between each other. In fact, a 'trust marriage' should run in complete harmony.

A trust marriage from when you work together point of view is of prime importance as you will both need to cross each others paths many times throughout the day for example when clients visit the office and one of you are busy elsewhere, the other person is trusted to entertain the client in not only a business manner but also on a personal level. This can be advantageous to both the client and yourselves as one of you can take care of the mundane items whilst leaving valuable quality time for the rest of the meeting when your partner returns. On a more personal note, you can make your client feel more relaxed and less anxious as you can prepare drinks and informally chat about subjects such as hubbies and past times together. You can build a great rapport between the client and yourself which comes in very useful for future communications. Again, a bond of trust is needed to establish a true 'trust marriage' even from a business relationship.

If you trust someone not to stray from marriage then you must also trust them not to have an affair or sleep with anyone else. Marriage is a serious business and can only thrive if there is trust between the two of you. Your partner also relies on you for your stability, continuity, dependability and you are being relied on to fulfil a trust marriage. When you satisfy each others needs then there is no reason to desire anyone else in a trust marriage. Trust does not mean being possessive. Trust is a request that you make to each other to abide by. To be trusted in marriage and to continue to remain trusted and faithful to for as long as you are married. If more people were trusting then the world would be a happier one.

Jenny Clair is the editor of an article based web site exploring the human side of marriage breakdowns, divorce and separation situations.


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