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Is Your Marriage Sinking?

Reading this article does not necessarily mean that if you are married then your marriage is sinking. However, if you believe that living under a single roof means you have to compromise with your spouse then your marriage will definitely sink. The word 'COMPROMISE' itself carries a negative energy. You have to eliminate this word from your belief to stop your marriage from sinking.

You and your spouse are the pillars that support the single roof under which you live. Both of you have to be equal to stop the roof from tilting. Here, equal does not mean you have to be of equal heights but you have to be equal in carrying out your responsibilities and duties. If one pillar is slightly higher than other then giving half of the difference of pillar heights will make the two pillars equal. This suggests that you should help your spouse in his/her weaknesses so that the roof does not get tilted.

For the roof to remain stable and in its position, the pillars have to be strong. This in turn requires the base of pillars to be very strong. In the same way, the base of your marriage which is nothing but LOVE has to unconditionally true and strong.

Even the real cement concrete pillars require repairs at many times. Similarly, there may creep some tensions in your marriage and then you need to revive your relationship again. It is infact simpler than repairing a physical pillar. There are so many ways for it. Suppose your spouse is angry and in high-tone, simply be quite and listen instead of following the same track as that of your partner. If you are angry with your spouse on his/her bad habits then simply write few of his/her good points.

You change the color of pillars in your house to keep it lively. Similarly, keep doing different funny things with each other to keep your married life as colorful as a rainbow.

But, if the pillars height difference is too much then it is better to replace it with an equal pillar rather than repairing it. In other words, if all the ways of having a happy married life are exhausted then it is better to get divorce and if you like marry someone with whom you feel you can erect up a stable roof.

To sum up, it can be said that only strong and equal pillars will have a stable roof and those under it will feel lively if pillars are colorful. So, for happy married life, love your spouse immensely and unconditionally. Share responsibilities and duties with each other. Keep doing things that you both enjoy. If the roof of your marriage is stable and colorful then those under it i.e. your kids will get a healthy and positive environment for their growth.

Syed Feroz Zainvi has obtained M.Tech. (Comp Sc & Engg) degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (INDIA). His areas of interests are distributed computing, computer graphics and Internet Technologies. He also loves to write on Life, Philosophy and Spirituality. Currently, he is involved in Software Project Planning, Development and Management. His other interests include writing for magazines and contributing utility softwares on Magazine's CDs. He also have flair for teaching computer science with new teaching methodologies.

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