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Who Should Get A Gift At Your Wedding?

Planning a wedding is hard enough without having to think about who you should be giving gifts to. After all, you've a ceremony to plan, a reception hall to decorate and the perfect dress to find!

But, it's important that you tell each of the special members of your wedding party just how much their presence means to you. After all, they've spent their time and money to help ensure that you have the perfect wedding day. Convinced that more than just a passing thought should go into the process? Okay, so let's add one more thing to your "wedding to-do list". Just to make it easier on you, we've made a list of those people that you need to consider when planning your wedding gift list.

The Parents

In recent years, more and more couples have been honoring both sets of parents with a special gift, presented to them at the reception. The gift should be unique, and selected just for them. To make the best impression, don't give each set of parents the same thing-that will only take meaning away from it.

Each Other

You will need to select just the perfect gift for your husband or wife to be. It should something personal that speaks to their heart. You should still be talking about that gift on your 50th wedding anniversary!

Wedding Party

Your bridesmaids, maid of honor, groomsman and best man all deserve special recognition for the part that they played in your wedding affair. For the bridesmaids and groomsman it is appropriate to choose something related to your wedding theme. For example, if you are being married on a beach, your gift could be anything from a seashell candle to an extra night at the resort hotel-depending on your budget. Your maid of honor and best man should receive a wedding gift that is a little different, but still along the lines of your wedding theme. For example, if you gave the rest of your wedding party a seashell candle, you could give your maid of honor a basket filled with beach related items. Be sure to choose the wedding party's gifts keeping gender in mind!

Flower Girls And Ring Bearer

Those little ones who participate in your wedding shouldn't be left out of the wedding gift giving! Depending on their age, you could give them special toys, little girl jewelry, or even special mementos of the ceremony. You're only limited by your imagination!

Other Special People

If anyone else participated in your wedding, be sure to include them in your wedding gift giving. This could be an Aunt who helped you dress prior to walking down the aisle, or your neighbor friend who volunteered to make all of the bridesmaid dresses. Choose these wedding gifts according to your wedding theme as well.

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